Top Reasons Why You Should Get Antler Rings as a Wedding Ring

Processing Time Of Antler Rings

Antler jewelry has become a popular option for many people nowadays. Indeed, people are getting more interested in purchasing antler jewelry, no matter what the occasion may be. Yes, you heard it right; jewelry made out of antlers. Both, people, and animals, are going to be happy about it. However, there’s another category of antler jewelry: handmade antler wedding bands.

Nowadays, people will go crazy over handmade antler wedding rings. But why? Because those little bits of dense forest animals are some of the most sought-after decorations for weddings and other important events. The early French had antler hunting teams, who would use the dead bodies of animals as sharps and cutters for making beautiful jewelry and weaponry.

Antler rings are said to have been introduced to Europe by French settlers. At the time, they didn’t have much else to spend their money on, so they decided to make some antler jewelry. They would, of course, use the dead bodies of cows, bulls, deer and elk, along with other species of large animals. These dead bodies and the antlers that came with them were then used to fashion beautiful buckles, lockets, chains and other jewelry items.

Antler Rings:

Antler rings come in a variety of styles today. One of the most popular choices today is the black zirconium style. Some of these come made out of genuine leather, but there are some styles that are crafted from artificial leather too. Either way, the beauty of the material remains one of the main factors behind the popularity of antler rings all over the world.

antler rings

Another reason behind the great success behind antler rings comes from the way that they are crafted. Many of them are crafted out of high quality Genuine Leather. This, of course, adds another layer of durability to the jewelry. The durability makes these wedding bands very practical for everyday use, unlike other types of bands that may not be as durable as you would like.


Another important factor behind the great success of antler wedding bands comes from how they look. This is especially true for the modern rings that are crafted from artificial leather instead of genuine leather. Leather can be unattractive over time, especially when it starts to yellow and develop cracking.

On the contrary, the high-quality Genuine Leather that is used to manufacture the antler wedding band is completely natural and therefore has no color, blemishes or discoloring. This is why many people prefer these rings, which are clearly much more attractive than any other type of metal bands that are available today. Of course, the cost of genuine leather tends to be much higher than the steel or silver ones. But, when you compare the price of a stainless-steel band with that of a damask steel band, which can range from four to five times as much, then you will quickly see why most people choose the latter.

There are many more reasons why people prefer antler wedding bands to any other type of wedding bands. Perhaps, the biggest reason is because they are very aesthetically appealing. When you put the wedding band on your finger, you are essentially adding a piece of nature to your body. Antlers have been used for centuries as a source of beautiful art and, now, they are used as beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Damascus Wedding Bands:

The second reason why a lot of people like Damascus Wedding Bands is because of the fact that antler jewelry is made using pure antler, which is a healthier alternative to other types of metals that are commonly used in jewelry manufacturing. In addition, because these rings are hand crafted and so beautiful, you are certain to be able to enjoy it for many years. Unlike other types of metal bands, antler rings do not rust, contain lead or other heavy metals and are very simple in their structure, so they can easily last a lifetime.

Antler Ring Copper Wire Deer Antler

It should also be mentioned that antler wedding bands are very easy to care for. It is recommended that the bride has them cleaned on a regular basis in order to ensure that the ring stays in good condition for as long as possible. This can actually be done by the bride and groom themselves, although in a general case, it is best that the wedding bans be cleaned by an experienced jeweler or silver smith. Most people choose to clean their wedding bands with a small brush, although if you prefer, toothpicks can also do the job.

When it comes to the cost, antler made wedding bands are very economical and a great alternative to the more expensive platinum or gold wedding bands. Of course, like with any other piece of precious jewelry, there is the price you pay. In comparison to platinum, which is almost twice as much as silver, the price of an antler made wedding band is definitely inexpensive. However, if you still want to go with silver instead of platinum, don’t fret because silver really does look just as nice. There are also many colors available, so you’ll have no problem finding a pair that suits your wedding theme.

Processing Time Of Antler Rings

Men’s antler rings certainly make the ideal engagement rings. Super comfortable and super durable. These antler rings are especially designed for the outdoor man. Crafted from the strongest, most durable materials such as tungsten Carbide and titanium, these antler rings are an excellent choice for the outdoorsmen. Made by some of the best craftsmen in the country.

Some of these antler rings are very beautiful indeed. They come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose from genuine, painted and colored antler rings. And because of the antler processing time frame, each one of them is a unique piece. You can choose a ring from the wide range of available antler rings.

When choosing an antler ring for your loved one, it is important to consider what would look best on her hand. While we would all love to see antlers on someone’s fingers, women tend to place their hands on their hips or slightly higher. So if you want to make sure the ring goes with your partner’s outfit, then it might be a good idea to have her do the choosing. And of course this should depend on her personal preferences. In other words, don’t get her an antler ring that has micro mesh instead of a genuine diamond.

Buy Antler Rings:

If you are thinking of buying a set of antler rings for your wife, you might as well buy her a set of antique antlers. Antique antlers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main thing to keep in mind while buying these antique antlers, is not to get ones that are sharp. This is very important because the metal inside them can get damaged easily when a pointed object is inserted into it. You can buy antlers that are not sharp at all. These are called soft antlers.

Most women love to wear antler rings but there are some who are concerned about the health issues associated with antler material. There is nothing wrong with wearing these rings daily if they are made of certified rawhide antlers. Some of these rings are made from pure white wood and others from genuine moose antlers. So you can wear your antler ring everyday without any fear of developing allergies or rashes. In fact, the only concern with these types of rings is that it’s important that you store them in a cool, dry area so that they don’t oxidize.

In order to ensure that your wife receives antler rings that are certified rawhide, you will need to add the following to the final bill: the cost of the ring, the shipping time, and the processing time. If you put together all these costs, you will find that the total is less than the price of a single ring at a reputable jeweler. Shipping time will also be figured into this amount. The processing time can take up to two weeks but if you do choose to use a reputable company, they should have no problem with giving you an accurate time frame.

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