Top 7 Best Upcoming Wholesale Mobile Accessories in 2021


The mobile industry is growing at a more rapid pace than ever before. The wholesale mobile accessories business will flourish with double the speed this year.  

Well, the increasing number of smartphones surely makes the mobile accessory business a tempting option. 

The mobile accessory business needs to maintain a stock of the trendiest accessories. This will help you fulfill the needs of your customers. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the upcoming wholesale mobile accessories. There’s bound to be a high demand for these products in the future. 

Now, let’s just jump into it.  

New and Innovative Cell Phone Accessories for the Year 2021

Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds 

Demand for wireless noise-canceling earbuds is continuously increasing. Because of the increasing use of mobile for business and social purposes, these earbuds have become almost essential.

Different companies make these wireless noise-canceling earbuds with different new features. The most essential feature is long battery and fast charging.

It is going to be a popular cell phone accessory device in 2021. 

Mobile Mounts

People are increasingly using the mobile phone for different reasons while performing a task. 

For example, a person might use a mobile phone while driving to reach the right destination.  Or a student may want to learn how to use a phone to revise his lesson.

What is necessary for them? They need a mobile mount to become more productive. So, you must include mobile mount in the stock of 2021.

Portable Photo Printer 

The demand is increasing for the portable photo printer. It is a small printer that can attach to a cell phone through Bluetooth. 

This accessory provides you the facility to print photos on paper in a few seconds. For example, group printing, zinc paper printing, long battery, etc.  

Mini Projector 

The mini projector is an accessory that is designed to provide you group entertainment through the cell phone.  

They can easily project the video up to 100 inches and above according to its features. As for the sound and resolution, it depends on the model and manufacturer. 

With the help of this projector and cell phone, anyone can make their moments memorable.

That’s why its demand is continuously increasing. 

Portable Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard 

Now people can complete their business tasks without the restriction of place and time. Portable Bluetooth keyboards are designed to facilitate such people.  

They attach and detach to mobile phones according to requirement. Now with the help of this accessory, you can easily type an email or document without any difficulty. 

Phone Sanitizer and Charger

People bring their cell phones with them everywhere. It is necessary to make your cell phone germs free, especially in this time of the pandemic. 

Phone sanitizer uses UV lights to kill harmful bacteria while charging cell phones. This gadget will probably be on the list of top-selling cell phone accessories of the year 2021.  

Mobile Holders and Stands

Mobile holders and stands have become an essential accessory for cell phones. Let us explain with an example. Mobile phones play a vital role in making the world a global village. You can even use it for social media and showcase your talents. 

In Short 

Getting these mobile accessories for your business will result in higher profits. If we talk about where to find the best mobile accessories then KIKO wholesale is a good option.

In this article, we will discuss some of the upcoming wholesale mobile accessories. There’s bound to be a high demand for these products in the future.

From cases to styluses, everything is available there. Kiko wireless accessories always have good quality that will satisfy your customers. 

What is your opinion about the trendy items for the year 2021? What is your opinion about the above-mentioned accessories? Mention others if we have missed any.


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