Tips to Improve the Productivity of Your Remote Workforce

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The pandemic outbreak made everyone shift to remote work; initially, it was tough for the organizations to manage their workforce but they were slowly used to it. Now, after seeing the benefits of remote working, most organizations have started to opt for remote working full-time. Organizations no longer need to accommodate their employees in costly physical spaces and employees can also cut down the travel costs and time it takes to reach the office. Remote working became a comfortable option for both organizations and employees.

With remote working, there are many challenges that organizations need to overcome to ensure productivity doesn’t drop. Some of the common issues like lower employee engagement, internet connectivity, and poor employee engagement make it difficult for organizations to manage remote teams. Thus, in this article, we have listed a few tips that help to improve the productivity of your remote team.

1) Set clear expectations:

When handling a team, you must set the priorities right. Just as how you handle an in-person team, ensure you handle the remote team by updating them on policy changes, company success, and how the employees can improve their productivity. You need to send a formal note to your employees that consists of the timings of team meetings, working hours, and much more. Ensuring the employees don’t feel burnout is the key.

2) Be flexible:

When working from home, it gets hard for your employees to manage their professional and personal life. This is where providing them with flexible timings is a good option. Leave it to your employees to decide upon when they are willing to work. You can measure productivity by tracking the volume of work they do at the end of the day rather than being so stringent with work timings.

3) Be available to them:

In a remote working setup, it’s challenging to resolve the issues that your employees face. To overcome this problem, ensure you have access to robust communication tools like Slack and web conferencing tools like Adobe Connect. Web conferencing tools help you to create virtual rooms that can help the teams get in touch. They also offer features like custom chats and polls to make the experience more interactive. With these tools, you can communicate seamlessly with your employees. 

4) Don’t micromanage:

As a manager, you should be available to your employees, but should not micromanage. Taking updates on the work for every hour or so might annoy the employees and damage the trust. Instead, let them figure out the problems themselves. If they couldn’t, the rest of the team and the manager is always available to help and solve the problem.

5) Use meetings wisely:

The more time your employees spend on meetings, the lesser time they have for work. Meetings are definitely necessary but ensure you it is completely useful for everyone. If you have a specific task or feedback to discuss with two people, ensure you include only those two instead of all the team members. Your employees should have the flexibility and freedom to drop off from the meeting if their job is done as far as the meeting is concerned. In this way, there will be no wastage of time.

6) Keep your employees engaged:

In a remote working setup, your employees can easily get disengaged and lonely. Without much in-person social interaction, it gets harder to turn up every day for work. To overcome this problem, try arranging more informal team lunches or offering paid vacations that make your employees feel refreshed. 

7) Recognize their efforts:

When your team finishes a project successfully, celebrate it and reward your team members. You can offer better training opportunities or offer incentives. Recognizing the efforts and providing feedback helps your employees to revisit their work and find ways to improve. 


These are some of the ways to engage and improve the productivity of your remote team. Make use of these methods and find ways that are specific to your team. Every team is different and might need different things that can motivate them to perform better. We hope this article helps you find what you are looking for.


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