Sync your Gmail accounts with other email services

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There is no doubt that Gmail is a multi-purpose email services, through that you can get different uses. But some uses of Gmail PVA accounts are very important which no one can get from using other email services. The feature of sync Gmail accounts has very much importance when you want to get some useful benefits from your Gmail accounts.

As you know that there are some important other email services who are known as competitors of Gmail. But Gmail never prohibited its users to use these services. But Gmail encourage using these services and offering to use these services in your Gmail accounts. By using this feature, you will be allowed to get following features of Gmail in your other email services accounts.

  1. Better protection system from spam.
  2. You will get best service of notifications while using mobile devices.
  3. Get the service of automatic sorting of email according to their categories.
  4. You will increase the power of search feature through that you can search any email in short time.

Here we will discuss that how you can get this feature.

Get the feature of sync Gmail on Android

As you know that Gmail is a cloud base email service and you can use it on different devices. So here we will discuss that how you can get this feature on your Android device.

To get this feature, it is important to add your other email services accounts like Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and so on in your Gmail account. After adding these accounts, you should attach the links of these accounts to your Gmail accounts. Here is the more process system.

  1. Open your Gmail account on Android device.
  2. Select the menu of settings (three vertical lines).
  3. Scroll down your arrow and then select the option of non-Gmail accounts, those you want to link with your Gmail accounts.
  4. Press on link accounts (if you cannot find this option, then you should update your Gmail account, because old version accounts have not this feature).
  5. There will be some other instructions on your screen and you should follow these instructions while getting this feature.

After linking your non-Gmail accounts with your Gmail accounts, you will be able to see all your emails of other email services in your Gmail account. There are many other features of Gmail those you can get after getting this feature like read, organize and so on.

Unlink the addresses of other email services

After getting this service, if you want to get rid from this service then you can do it through simple steps. However, it is an important feature of Gmail, but it is not important to use this feature in some situations. And if you are facing these situations, you should unlink these services through following steps.

  1. Visit to on your Android app.
  2. Select setting menu.
  3. There will be the option of “linked accounts” after choosing this option, there will be another option of “Unlink account”.
  4. Gmail will ask you to keep store the copies of your emails in your Gmail inbox.
  5. After selecting the option of copies of delete other email services messages, you should need to tap “Unlink”.

When you will tap unlink your other email services from Gmail, then Google will stop to showing these emails in your Gmail inbox. When you will delete emails from Gmail inbox, then there will be no emails in your Gmail inbox, while if you want to see these emails, then you should visit to other email services accounts like Yahoo, Hotmail and others. While if you want to keep copies of these emails, then you can see these emails in your Gmail inbox.


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