Sore throat and cold? Try this simple home remedy for relief


In the present circumstances amid a raging pandemic, even a seasonal cough can lead one to excessively worry. While a sore throat and cold might not be worth a trip to the doctor’s clinic, it can cause pain and irritation.

Also, seasonal cough and cold often start with a sore throat that can be troublesome for many. Home remedies are not just easy but also prevent you from relying on popping pills.

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho suggests a simple home remedy for which you only need some simple kitchen ingredients.

He suggests soaking cardamom, clove, burnt lemon, fresh lemon, and cinnamon in hot water. To heat the lemon, simply hold a slice over a flame until it’s warm and a slight char begins to appear.


Burnt lemon
Fresh lemon
Hot water


*Mix all the ingredients in your hot water. Drink warm.

This home remedy is only to treat sore throat and is not above prescription medicines, he added. If you are experiencing other symptoms, immediately consult a medical professional and get tested for Covid-19. In case of severe symptoms seek medical attention immediately.

Would you try?

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