Soaked raisins, fresh juice, plenty of sleep: Sameera Reddy on what helped her make post-Covid recovery


Actor Sameera Reddy has recovered from Covid-19 after her children — Hans (5) and Nyra (2) — first tested positive. The actor has now taken to Instagram to share with her followers some tips on how they can tackle post-Covid weakness and regain their strength.

In her caption, Reddy wrote that these tips have personally helped her with the weakness.

The actor advised that for those who are on the path to recovery, they can gain back their strength by drinking a lot of coconut water. Soaking almonds and raisins overnight and then eating them in the morning can also help, she claimed, as can the consumption of dates/kala jamun.

Amla and lime juice, or any fresh fruit juice is beneficial, too. Add jaggery and ghee to your diet, after meals, and avoid refined and processed foods. The actor also said that eating wholesome foods like pulses, khichdi with veggies has helped her.

Along with that, she got 15 minutes of daily sunlight, did pranayama and deep-breathing exercises. Reddy made sure to get plenty of sleep, and controlled screen time before bed. She also went on slow walks, and avoided intense workout sessions.

“It’s ok to feel emotional . Share your feelings 🤗 Most imp take time to heal ❤️🌟 This definitely helped me . Get well soon . Stay strong ❤️🙏🏼 ” the actor wrote in the caption.

Everyone is aware that the exhaustion that creeps in while making recovery from Covid-19 can be debilitating. Recently, chef Saransh Goila had taken to social media to suggest that khichdi is the “safest bet” for COVID-19 patients.

“While each person has his or her needs according to their body type – a khichdi fits all (you can do a millet one too for people who can’t do rice). Pair with some protein – add enough veggies and there is a complete meal,” the chef wrote on Instagram.

Do check with your doctor, who may be able to guide you better.

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