Samsung showcases double-bending display for future smartphones


Samsung showcased a bi-folding OLED display that could be used in the company’s future high-profile foldable smartphones. The S-Foldable foldable that folds into three segments is a teaser of what is yet to come from the South Korean giant in the smartphone market. The crazy double-bending display, which was unveiled during a virtual display exhibition (via SamMobile), can fold inside and out. This type of display panel allows for a compact smartphone that can also be transformed into a tablet device with up to a 7.2-inch screen.

The company is also working on a slideable OLED display, which is similar to what LG has envisioned with its rollable phone. Unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which is a book-style foldable smartphone, the prototype design of this phone expands in size without needing a folding mechanism. The rollable-style OLED display would mark another radical change in smartphone form factor.

That’s not all. A 17-inch folding display was also showcased. When folded in half, the device would look similar to a regular tablet. When fully unfolded to its 17-inch display, the device could be used as a portable display. It appears that Samsung does have plans to make a foldable Galaxy tablet in the future. Lastly, there was a prototype display with an under pixel camera which could eventually come to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones in the near future.

All of these prototype display designs aren’t just gimmick. These new bold designs will help move the tech industry forward. Not to forget, Samsung is the world’s leading display manufacturer and it produces OLED panels for Apple and major smartphone makers.

Samsung’s next big-ticket smartphones are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Both smartphones will reportedly boast a new design language and the S Pen. The upcoming devices are expected to launch in August during a Galaxy Unpacked event.

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