Review Of The Zero Tolerance 0562CF

zero tolerance 0562 cf

The Zero Tolerance 0562 Cf has an overall length of 8.25 inches, a blade length of 3.5 inches, and a weight of 5.5 ounces. The knife is both smaller and larger than the 0560 and 0566. I recognize that a 3.5′′ blade is a common size for many people’s everyday carries knives, which is also the same size as the 3.5′′ XM-18. The 0562 is small enough to carry in a pair of blue jeans, but large enough to be utilized as a work or self-defense weapon.

This is a good place in the analysis for me to point out the differences between the 0562 and the 0562CF. With a stainless steel handles scale and a satin polished M390 blade, the 0562CF (shown in this review) is an improved version of the knife. With a G10 handle level and a stonewashed Elmax blade, the 0560 is more of a workhorse edition.

The 0562’s knife is a typical Hinderer drop point, closely modeled after his XM sequence. The odd thing about this design is that it has Rick’s “slicer” grind applied to it. The slicing grind is a high-slanting flat grit that removes a lot of material from his regular “spanto” grind. The 0562’s slicing grind is absolutely lovely, quickly cleaving cardboard and wire. Rick’s slicer grind on the standard XM is still very thick in my opinion. This 0562 Hinderer collab is the greatest cutting Hinderer I’ve ever seen.

Pocket Clip, Handle, And Ergonomics

The Zero Tolerance 0562 Cuff’s handle is slab carbon fiber/g10 over a complete steel liner, followed by a titanium frame bolt, much like a real XM. The edges are all contoured, however you don’t get the intense 3-d machining seen on the 0560, which is good believe it’s one of the reasons they were able to bring the cost down on these.

zero tolerance 0562 cf

The construction of the handle is excellent. Zero Tolerance is no newcomer to massive production knives, and they’ve managed to strike a pleasant balance here by giving us a solid knife with basic high-end details including blackened barrel spacers, an exaggerated stylish pivot, and excellent fit and finish. The 0562 is a much thinner knife than a true XM-18 3.5′′.

Lockup And Deployment

I’m also happy to say that the operation on the 0562 has been excellent. With the push of a finger, Zero Tolerance has tuned in their detent once more, and the blade bursts from the handle. It also helps that the Zero Tolerance 0562 Cf is assisted by their own “KVT” caged bearing device. The blade returns to its original position after disengagement, making deployment fast, secure, and enjoyable. The “thumb studs” are really blade stops, and I couldn’t open the knife with them.

A titanium framelock with a stainless lockbar attachment is used for locking. This is identical to the lockbar input found on the ZT 0808. It’s been handled exceptionally well. There is no knife stick, lock block, or any other issue that can occur with a framelock knife. The blade centering is also spot on. A Hinderer lockbar stabilizer completes the image.


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