Oxygen concentrator for home-based care: Five things to verify before using


Patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 cases who require external oxygen support can use an oxygen concentrator. Medical experts suggest that the concentrator can be used if the oxygen saturation level is between 90-94, or those with oxygen levels even as low as 85, in case of scarcity.

How does a concentrator work? It sucks in atmospheric air, filter nitrogen and other gases, compresses remaining oxygen and dispenses it through the cannula.

For oxygen concentrators available for home-based care, there are some parameters that need to be checked to ensure good oxygen quality output, advised Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). Take a look:

*Must provide a continuous flow of concentrated oxygen (less than 90 per cent) from room air through one oxygen outlet

*Minimum continuous flow of up to five litres per minute

*Contains oxygen monitor to verify concentration

*Digital or analogue meter that displays cumulative hours of device operation

*Oxygen concentrators of less than five litres per minute capacity may not be sold under the misleading label ‘For Home-Based COVID Care’.

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