‘Our mind is a very tricky place’: Sanjana Sanghi writes a note on mental health


The current health crisis in the country has left us all mentally drained. In times like these, our mind often poses questions, sometimes persistently: are we doing enough?

Dil Bechara actor Sanjana Sanghi recently took to Instagram to talk about it.

She shared how the mind can be a tricky place and that one should not let it consume them. Even if that happens, “this is a good time to ride yourself with guilt — there is no right way of telling you how wrong you are.”

Further giving us a peek of the kind of questions flooding the minds of many these days — such as are we donating enough or are we helping enough — the actor wrote: “There is no defining what’s “enough.””

This is because there has never been a rule book to help us humans on how to cope with such harsh times. “We all, together are trying. We are stumbling, we are falling and we are together rising. But we are all trying,” she penned her thoughts.

Lastly, she requested everyone to do their bit, whether it is a small thing, or something big, because what is enough is “not for nobody other than yourself to decide”.

Finishing it with stressing on how times are tough and that we should not make it tougher for ourselves by constantly asking ourselves questions, she suggested we try to be there for the ones we love and for ourselves.

What else you must do?

*Mask up. A surgical mask is better than a nice-looking cloth one.

*Keep the morale of those around you up.

*Don’t step out unless you need to.

*Stay safe.


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