Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage will teach kids how to make games for the Switch


Nintendo has announced the launch of Game Builder Garage, a new first-party title that will teach how to build their own games for the Switch. The educational tool aimed at kids will be available on Nintendo Switch starting June 11 at $30 in the US. The company has described the platform as a game design and visual programming tool that features “step-by-step lessons created by the minds at Nintendo.”

The gameplay trailer of the title gives us an insight into how the game works. There seem to be boxes at the bottom of the screen which contain different modules, inputs, and outputs. Users can grab an action like “jump” and map it to a button by simply drawing a line between them. According to the trailer, the players will be able to create background music, textures, and more within the game. A glimpse at the type of games that users will be able to create using the Game Builder Garage as seen in the trailer includes everything from Asteroids space shooter games to fighting games featuring giraffes.

The game seems to have taken inspiration from Super Mario Maker. Players will be greeted with a colorful interface while playing the game, but it can also get pretty complex. The game will also offer guided lessons that will teach players how to make seven different games as well as a free programming mode. Users will be able to share their creations with friends via codes and the company has said that the feature will allow friends to work on a project together.

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