Mira Kapoor is all set for a ‘seasonal cleanse’ this Navratri; are you?



Mira Rajput Kapoor has always been vocal about her love for Ayurvedic remedies — whether it is for her skin, hair or overall wellness. She also keeps sharing interesting Ayurvedic practices that she follows, on social media. Ahead of Navratri — which begins April 13, 2021 and will continue till April 22, 2021 — Mira conducted a virtual live session with Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Sudhindra Uppoor, in which they talked about ‘modern-day fasting for a seasonal cleanse’.

During the nine-day festival dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga, Mira shared how one can have a ‘glam makeover where all self-detox and stay cool’ as part of #NotSoFast series which will feature a set of posts detailing instructions prior to each day of the fast.

She also gave a brief about the topics that she will address during her Instagram live session. The topics included, ‘why seasonal fasting is important and relevant? All the benefits and results. All the guidelines to follow the fast with ease and a quick overview for the 9-day detox.

Take a look at the Instagram Stories.

mira kapoor fasting Mira Kapoor took to Instagram Stories to explain more about the fast. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

She also explained how ‘seasonal cleanse’ helps with the digestion process, as per Ayurveda.

mira kapoor fasting Here’s why fasting is good. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Self-detox helps in improving immunity, vitality, and more, mentioned Mira.

mira kapoor fasting Self-detox is essential. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Mira also shared the necessary guidelines that one should be following.

mira kapoor fasting Here’s what to do. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Mira went on to share the guidelines.

mira kapoor fasting Here’s how you can start. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Mira on some foods that you can have during fasting.

mira kapoor fasting Keep these ready. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Time for some pantry staples.

mira kapoor fasting Are you having these? (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Mira on fast favourites that one should include.

mira kapoor fasting Some fast favourites, according to Mira. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

According to Mira, one should avoid beverages like tea and coffee, heavy spices etc.

mira kapoor fasting Avoid these foods. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

One should refrain from processed foods, grains like wheat and rice, and lentils etc, she suggested

mira kapoor fasting Do not have foods like wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods during these nine days, said Mira. (Source: Mira Kapoor/Instagram Stories)

Mira’s Instagram is full of interesting anecdotes on how one can improve their immunity through making conscious lifestyle changes.

How are you geared up?

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