Microsoft Teams update for macOS now lets users share system sounds


Microsoft Teams users will soon be receiving a new update on macOS that follows the last late-March update. The new update now brings support for users to share their system audio with other users. The company also confirmed that a future update will enable native notifications in the macOS version of the Teams.

A report on Windows Latest has shared that the latest Microsoft Teams version on the Mac systems allows sounds to be shared during a Teams meeting when a user is sharing their screen. The feature, that allows a more immersive take on the screen sharing tool, is something Mac users had been waiting for for a long time.

Windows users have had the Microsoft Teams feature for a long time and users are able to share their screen along with the system audio. This even includes audio from any media files that a user plays.

You can still choose to not share system sounds

While the feature is now available, users will still have the choice to share their screen without the sound. If they wish to only share the screen like before and not any system sounds, users can simply choose to share their screens without sound.

Support for native system notifications on the way

Microsoft also recently confirmed that macOS users will also get native system notifications with Microsoft Teams in a future update. Native notification support began rolling out to Windows 10 users this month and the feature is expected to arrive soon on macOS soon as well.

Microsoft Teams on macOS currently uses its own notification system. This system is not fully integrated with Apple’s own operating system. With native notifications, alerts from Microsoft Teams will show up in the macOS notification center alongside other messages.

There is no officially confirmed date for this update as of now. However, Microsoft has said it could come in April. Support for the new M1 chips is also unclear at this point.

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