Koo adds ‘Talk to Type’ feature with support for regional Indian languages


India’s homegrown social media platform Koo has now announced the launch of its “Talk to Type” feature, which will allow users to share their thoughts easily without having to type. The feature is available in all the Indian languages the platform supports currently including Kannada, Hindi, and Bengali among others. This will make it much easier for users, to create content in their native Indian language by simply speaking at the click of a button and without using a keyboard.

Koo is a microblogging site that was co-founded by entrepreneurs Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidwatka. The social media app was launched in early 2020 and gained prominence after winning the government’s Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge. The app is very similar to Twitter, but there is one difference in the signup process.

While Twitter allows you to create an account using just your email id, Koo requires you to enter your mobile number which is then verified by entering an OTP.

“This “Talk to Type” feature is magical and takes creation for regional language creators to the next level. Users don’t have to use the keyboard anymore and type out lengthy thoughts. India language speakers can now speak their mind and the words will show up on the screen magically! For those who found it difficult to type in local languages, this feature removes all that pain. We will keep adding value to Indians by enabling the easiest localised forms of expression and present their thoughts to India in a seamless way” Aprameya Radhakrishna, co-founder, Koo said, while commenting on the launch of the feature.

Koo is said to be the first social media platform in the world that has introduced such a feature, which also supports Indian regional languages in addition to English. The feature will be especially useful for people who don’t like to type using the keyboard.

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