Kobo Elipsa launched: An e-reader that doubles up as digital note-takers


Kobo has launched a new e-reader, which comes with a touchscreen display and stylus. The latter can be used to jot down notes or create diagrams on ebooks and PDFs. You can also use it to doodle and make to-do lists as if you were writing on a plain paper.

The newly launched Kobo Elipsa sports a big 10.3-inch E Ink screen with support for 1404 x 1872 pixels resolution. The company says you can use the device for reading books and the stylus to annotate, underline, and mark anything, similar to a real paper book. The stylus features two buttons that let you put it into erase or highlight mode.

With the device, you also get access to the company’s eBookstore, which has around 6 million books. The e-reader also supports Dropbox for importing and exporting files. The company says customers will get several weeks of battery life on a single charge.

It even features a dark mode, which could help offer relief to the eyes at night. Once the dark mode is enabled, the device displays white text on a black background, which could also save some battery. The Kobo Elipsa is equipped with 32GB of storage and even ships with a SleepCover.

“Put the conventional paper aside and think bigger with an intuitive note-taking experience and an expansive 10.3-inch touchscreen. Use the Kobo Stylus to make notes in eBooks and PDFs. Plus, you can create your own notebooks, where you can instantly convert your notes to clean typed text, and export them off your device as needed. Kobo Elipsa is your book, notebook, and bookstore combined, bundled with everything you need to make your ideas a reality,” the company said.

The product is listed on the India website, but Kobo hasn’t yet revealed the price and availability details. In the US, the company is offering the e-reader, cover, and stylus for $399.99, which is around Rs 29,120 in India. Interested buyers can pre-order the e-reader now. Kobo will start shipping the device from June 24 in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and other European and Asian countries.

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