Is Getting a Firewood Rack a Good Decision?


When someone says to you the word ‘relaxing’ it often puts a picture in your head, whether that be you sunbathing in the beach or you are in-front of the fire having a nice cup of hot chocolate. For me personally it is the second one, the idea of sitting down in front of a fire appeals to me more than sunbathing on the beach.

Hearing the sound of the fire crackling and the smell of the wood burning makes me feel so relaxed. Although when it comes to wood you might want to be careful what you pick. You may be wondering what on earth I’m talking about, but it is actually very important what type of wood you pick for your fire.

The reason for this is because you are most likely going to want to have wood that catches on fire easily and burn evenly, but if you don’t pick your wood carefully you could find yourself trying to get your wood to catch on fire all day, and not to mention actually keeping it on fire. So, you’ve finally found the right wood, it’s easy to burn and stays on fire for a while, well now you may be asking yourself “where should I store it?” The answer to your question is to use a firewood rack.

How beneficial is a firewood rack?

Usually, to store your firewood, people will use a cupboard. Although that is not the best way to store it, in fact it can have a bad effect on you and your home. Here’s why, firewood needs to be in a place where it stays dry otherwise you might be finding unwanted visitors in your home, and most people are not going to want that.

If you keep it in a cool dry area, where it is not fully covered, it will be able to breath and have a good ventilation system. You would want to access it as easily as possible but it’s good to have it at least 5 feet from the house, just in case pests start wondering inside your home.

The firewood rack is a great way to fit all these needs, it can go outside, keep it dry and cool, and you can even buy a firewood rack with a cover, so everything is provided.

Just be careful with what type you buy because if you buy cheap it is almost guaranteed that it won’t be waterproof, and then you might have to stick it in a shed or garage and then you know what that means, unwanted visitors. So be careful with what you buy and where you out it.


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