‘I have it daily’: Mira Kapoor shares ayurvedic secret to good health



The summer season, although brings respite from the biting cold, is notorious for seasonal issues like increased body heat, migraine and even heartburn. However, instead of popping pills, one can always opt for natural and effective remedies to reduce the effects of heat on the body. One such solution is to consume “pitta-pacifying” foods or foods that have a cooling effect on your body, mentioned Mira Rajput Kapoor.

The mother of two is a self-confessed Ayurveda fan who often shares snippets about how she incorporates the same in her daily life. Mira, who is quite active on social media, recently shared a step-by-step video of preparing summer-favourite gulkand or rose petal jam, which was “easier than expected and so much fun”.

“Rose Apothecary. We tried making Gulkand from the Desi Gulab growing in the garden and it was easier than I expected and so much fun!” she said.

Elaborating on the benefits of gulkand, Mira said that it is a “traditional sun-cooked rose jam that is known for its cooling and Pitta-pacifying properties”. “A spoon of gulkand in water or milk after lunch and dinner will keep the stomach cool and prevent common pitta ailments like acidity, heartburn and migraine. And with the heat setting in, this can help almost everyone.”


“I have it daily, and I thought I’d give it a try cause I don’t think I can ever ‘lagao achaar’,” she added, reflecting on how she is a “jam” person.

How to make gulkand at home


Desi Gulab and misri (rock sugar) in equal proportion
Cardamom powder
A glass jar to allow the sunlight to pass through


*Layer the rose petals, misri and cardamom powder and repeat.

“I was expecting the jar to be full but not all the roses had bloomed and we were quite excited to do this today so went ahead with half a jar. If it fails, not all is lost!” she mentioned.

*”Place it in the sun and mix every few days till it looks like jam!” she said.

Would you like to try?

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