How to Preserve Your Home’s Original Character When Remodeling

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Who doesn’t love a house with a unique charm and character? You likely bought your home because of its appeal and personality. You must have fallen in love with the different architectural elements of your home. But as the house gets older it may need an update or a remodeling to meet your family’s changing needs. So, is it possible to remodel a house without interfering or watering down its character? How do you update your home without compromising its original personality? It is a tricky balance that requires the input of a home remodel contractor. Let’s explore a few ideas on how you can keep your home’s original charm and personality while updating it.

Note Down the Features You Want to Preserve

Before scheduling an appointment, figure out what you love most about your home. You need to pinpoint every feature that gives your home its personality. Figure out how you can put back these features or materials into the new design. Remember, retaining your home’s original flair is all in the details. Learn the history and flow of your home. Take time to get a hang of your needs and what does not work with the modern style. Zero in on the original exterior, layout, flooring, shape, size, and all the tiny details. Ideally, try to repair instead of replacing these features. It will be hard to get the exact level of quality and workmanship if you decide to replace them. But if you opt to replace them, replicate instead of replacing these features.

Set Out Your Remodeling Goals

It’s easier to work on a home remodel project if you already have a vision of your new home. It will be easy to remodel it without ruining its original character if you have a goal in mind. As you set out your remodeling goals, look at styles or features that match the authentic charm exuded by your home. You can also mix new and old or fully modernize the styles without losing your home’s original touch. Remember, this is your old house with its own charm. Don’t go for designs that meet short-term goals. Such designs may eliminate your home’s character, history, and charm.

Classic Over Trendy

Classic picks always maintain their charm for a long time compared to trendy picks. The key to balancing the old charm and staying up to date is sticking to modern and classic designs for your home. So, how do you remodel your home and stick to a style that will remain timeless? You need to factor in longevity as you update your home. Going with a trendy style over a classic style will be costly in the long run. It will also interfere with the original character of your home. What’s more, you may have to change that style once it goes out of trend. A timeless look will last longer than a trendy look. Go for high-quality materials when updating your home. Choose materials with an authentic style.

Work with a Home Remodel Contractor

Hire the right home remodel contractor. They should value your needs and appreciation for a home with a unique charm. Do extensive research and look at the contractor’s portfolio before hiring them. Let your contractor guide you on the styles and designs that complement your home’s original character. Discuss your needs and preferences. Ask your home remodel contractor how they’ll preserve your home’s original charm. A skilled contractor should update a home without ruining its original appeal.

Cues From Your Surrounding

As much as you’d want your home to keep its original flair, it should fit right in with your neighborhood. As you remodel it, consider styles that would make your home fit in with other homes in your neighborhood. However, preserving the originality of your home should be high on your list. You can match up to the homogeneity of your surrounding while retaining its authenticity. To achieve this, you ought to work alongside a qualified home remodel contractor.


Once you lose your home’s original character, you lose it forever. So, take your time and consider all the options you have. Remember to pay attention to all the little details as you update your home. A qualified home remodel partner will help you keep the personality, charm, and features that make your home stand out.


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