How to make secure your Google?

Secure your Google

If you want to be easy about your Google accounts, then it is important to take care about security of your Google accounts. Think about it, that all your important data, pictures, files and many other important data are save in your Google accounts. While you can get access on all these things through a single username and password. So if you want the security of all your important data then you should tight your Google security. However, there is no concern that for which purpose, you are using Google accounts, but it is important to lock all your information in your account and the full control of your Google account is in your own under.

The steps of your Google accounts security

If you want to make secure your Google accounts and keep all your data safely store in it, then you should follow some steps. Because when you will follow these steps, then you will be able to make a strongest Google account for all your purposes.

Check Google account password

To make more secure your Google account, it is important to take simple but very important steps. And the main important step of your Google account security is that take an eye on your Google account password. Here I want to ask some questions about your Google account password.

  1. Have you choose your Google account password as your own name or your family person name? it is your birthday as well as mobile number or your lover name?
  2. Are you using a famous password or simple that could be guessed?
  3. Have you choose your Google account password on less than 8 characters?
  4. Is you are using same password for different apps and accounts?

If the answer of all above question is yes, then it is very dangerous for the security of your account. So we suggest you change your password and use a difficult password that is not related to your personality and choice. Because through this you can keep your account safe and secure.

Use extra layers of security

If you want to save your data then never depend on your password, whether it is poor or strong. Because hackers can do anything, but when you will add extra layers of security for your accounts, then you can enjoy the security advantages of your Google accounts. When you will depend on two-factor security system, then the risk of hacking will be reducing up to 0%. When you will turn on this security system for your Google account. Then Google will generate a password on your mobile number. And if you want to logging your account on any other device, then you will need to put this code. So, when you will get help from the system. Then a person that knows about your password cannot use your Google account. Because for using your account to other devices. It is important to enter that code which is only on your mobile number.

Check the devices where your account login

It is common thing that you will be changing your devices from time to time. Or it is possible that you will use your friend device for Google accounts. So in this case, your password could be hacked, because there are some systems in devices through that your password will be saved in these devices. Therefore, avoid using your Google accounts from other devices.

Above we have mentioned some important tips of your account security. So when you will follow them, then you will be able to use your accounts safe as much as you want. You can buy Google accounts from our website those are securing from all crises.

The use of digital media has been increasing rapidly. And if we do not want to leave behind the world then we must adapt ourselves with the new emerging technologies. So Gmail is the main foundation of digital media as to run any social media app or to install any play store app we need a Google account. So we can easily make a Google account when it is a matter of using it for ordinary purposes. While for the business you need a large number of Google accounts. And it is impossible for you people to make that much quantity of accounts. But there is no need to be worried about that as you can buy Google accounts from us.


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