How to get the CCNP DevNet certificate


When we are approaching Cisco DevNet certification exam, we are excited and hope that we can pass DEVNET CCNP exam successfully. The exam requirements are similar to those of CCNP R&S. In order to acquire the DevNet professional certification, you need to pass two types of exams. DEVCOR 350-901 is the core exam. Then, you can choose to take another exam from eight concentrated exams. The DEVCOR 350-901 candidates’ understanding of the development and design of software including the application of API, Cisco platform, application deployment and security as well as the knowledge about infrastructure and automatic recruiters.

DevNet certification is designed for network experts and software development. It can optimize the network nowadays and help people to choose the technology and technique they want to develop.

DEVNET certification is in fact a part of Cisco CCNP certification.

The certifications also include DEVCOR. If you pass CCNP 350-901 DEVCOR, you can acquire CCNP DevNet certification on Cisco core platform and API applications.

The CCNP Certification Exam Content

Software development and design

Understanding software development is the basis of learning about programming. In the part, you should have a basic knowledge of GIT, Python and API and understand how they work. You should also know about application hosting and design so as to provide expandable and manageable infrastructure, to optimize micro-service structure, and to deploy dockers.

Using API

Cisco service API can clear obstacles, achieve automation of enterprises, enhance productivity and shorten sales cycle and lower operation cost. These API users can access information and increase their productivity by adopting Cisco intellectual capital and using innovative methods. API enables users to manage their networks flexibly or provide value-added services through innovation to their end-users.

Cisco platform

Automatic procedures can help your enterprises to complete complicated tasks and you can finish within several minutes with minimal manual efforts. Orchestration controls automatic tasks.

Applications deployment and security

Put a focus on automatically connecting and tracking, segmenting, analyzing behavior, detecting threats in your CI/CD pipeline by using safety fences, which explains how the end-to-end encryption principle applies to API. When accessing your applications, pipelines, and infrastructure across local and cloud, you can ensure the security of access for end-users. At the same time, it keeps connecting notifications of events and anomaly with service integration and network hook alarms.

Infrastructure and automation      

Model-driven telemetry inherits the power of the model, making it easier to determine, consume, and subscribe to the required data. Through data modeling, model-driven telemetry can make sure that the vast amount of data is usable. Utilize structured data (XML or JSON) and REST-shape API to access IOS XE network devices by programming.

The change of DevOps

Traditionally, the term DevOps focuses on the application life cycle. However, enabling successful practices of DevOps style often requires automation, which blurs the line between DevOps, infrastructure as code (infrastructure automation) and security automation.

Today we see that the term DevOps usually refers to a process, which is automated and requires successful deployment and operation of applications (from scratch – through infrastructure, operating system, application dependencies, testing, security configuration, and the next day + operation). It means a single automated pipeline. As a result, each team is allowed to contribute their expertise to the success of the product, application, or service, as well as the change of control automation.

We also see evidence of these changes, that is, the emergence of new terms such as NetDevOps or DevSecOps.

DEVOPS 300-910 introduces DevOps’ second generation, testing your understanding of infrastructure, security, and life cycles of application level, enabling your IT and development teams to expand and improve through automation.

The complete list of technical knowledge of the exam is expected to be found on the Cisco learning certification page. And visit the DEVOPS exam page of Cisco learning network to learn more knowledge.


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