Honest Review of the Modern Millionaires Course –  8 Findings

Becoming a Digital Nomad: 5 Questions to Answer

It is no secret that there are many opportunities out there to make money online. 

Let’s be honest, though — not all of them are easy. The hardest part can be knowing which ones are legitimate, and which ones aren’t. 

After all, countless times people have lost their hard-earned savings on scams, misleading information, and even something as seemingly harmless as a get-rich-quick scheme. 

With the Modern Millionaires program, you don’t have to worry about any of those things – and in today’s review, I’ll show you why!

Curious? Read on!

Modern Millionaires Review: What you’ll learn

The Modern Millionaires program is a lead flipping training program developed by two digital marketers and entrepreneurs, Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony. 

Their lead flipping method is centered around finding the right kind of local businesses, targeting those potential customers who are looking for those services, and then getting them to the business owners. 

The Modern Millionaires review focuses on finding clients, setting up campaigns for them, tracking results and scaling these campaigns over time. And it’s all done mainly through Google Ads.

We can split the course content in two parts:

  1. Part 1: How to start an agency from scratch. The first few modules will take you through the basics of starting an agency from scratch, including the necessary tools and techniques given by Abdul and Chance themselves. You’ll also learn how to use Google and Facebook Ads and how to optimize your campaigns for maximum results.

The modules you’ll find here are: 

  • Module 1: The Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Prospecting 
  • Module 3A, 3B, 3C: Traffic Acquisition (Google & FB Ads)
  1. Part 2: How to scale your agency to six figures. Once you’ve learned how to set up your agency, you can then scale it up as time goes by. The Modern Millionaires program also has modules that focus on scaling and automating your business so that you can make more money with less effort and time.

These are:

  • Module 4: Automation
  • Bonuses – (There are plenty of resources included in the course that can help make your life easier as an agency owner — such as templates for emails and contracts with clients, sales scripts, etc)

8 Thoughts on the Modern Millionaires course

Here are my 8 top thoughts on the Modern Millionaires course:

  1. Modern Millionaires keeps it real and doesn’t promote any get-rich-quick-scheme

The course is direct, honest and straightforward. Modern Millionaires is not trying to sell you on a “get-rich-quick” outlook. It’s more about building sustainable wealth over time (which I believe is the healthier approach).

It also does a great job of emphasizing how much work it takes to become a millionaire. As the course points out, there’s no quick and easy way to become a millionaire. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get there.

  1. You don’t need to be an expert to use Modern Millionaires’ lead flipping method. 

The Modern Millionaires course is designed to help everyone — from complete beginners, who have never sold anything online before, to those who have been selling for years. 

The system works no matter what your experience level is, and it’s designed to make lead flipping as easy as possible.

  1. Modern Millionaires is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics in detail.

This has been one of my biggest complaints about most online courses I’ve taken in the past. A course may cover one topic well, but it’s often hard to find a course that covers a wide range of topics with the same depth and quality.

Modern Millionaires doesn’t just teach you everything you need to build your own local lead generation agency, but you’ll also learn valuable skills and strategies in email marketing, LinkedIn, copywriting, etc.

  1. Modern Millionaires provides lots of support for students.

They have a Facebook group where you can interact with other Modern Millionaires students as well as with the instructors, so if you have questions, there’s always someone to help you out.

It’s a very friendly environment, too. You can learn a lot from your fellow students, and it’s great to be able to network with them if you want to do some client work or start your own business together down the line.

There are also some live webinars with the instructors and guest speakers, which is a great way to get additional information and to meet other students.

  1. The Modern Millionaires course’s content is very actionable.

The information is clearly laid out and easy to digest and apply. 

So many courses out there are filled with a lot of theory and information that don’t necessarily translate into things you can do today to make a difference in your life.

The Modern Millionaires course is different. There are no abstract concepts taught – they only teach ideas and strategies that will make money for you.

  1. Modern Millionaires is always up to date. 

I’ve also noticed that they are constantly improving their course material. You won’t get yesterday’s information or a second-hand version of the truth.

In the world of entrepreneurship, things move fast. Businesses that are flourishing one year can be dead in the water two years later due to changing market conditions or new technologies.

This is why I love Modern Millionaires being always up to date — it stays relevant with current thinking on business growth, marketing tactics and so on.

  1. Their teaching style is unique and engaging.

Again, so many courses these days are just boring Powerpoint slides set to music. 

The Modern Millionaires is a webinar-style course, so you get to hear from the instructors’ mouths how they got started and what the process was like for them, while also learning the lessons they have to teach. 

They keep things light, crack jokes, and share personal anecdotes about their own journeys to financial independence. It makes for an engaging and entertaining learning experience.

They also do a great job of breaking down complex concepts in easy-to-digest ways, using analogies and examples from everyday life to bring things home.

  1. The Modern Millionaires program helps you build a long-term, scalable business 

The Modern Millionaires course is different because it teaches you how to do the work that gives you long-term results — and then how to multiply those results by outsourcing them.

The Modern Millionaires course is not just about making money, though. It’s also about building a business that has value beyond the income it generates for you!

Sum Up

Overall, I think that you should check out Modern Millionaires.If you’re ready to have access to a trusted mentor and willing to put in the effort, this might be the step you’ve been waiting for—and it could prove a heck of a lot more fruitful than going it alone. 

Just remember, though: if you decide to go with Modern Millionaires, you don’t want to coast through the program. You want to do everything possible to take advantage of the opportunities it gives you, otherwise you might as well not be using it at all. 

This is serious business that can make a world of difference for succeeding financially–but only if you actually follow through on what’s being taught.


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