Holi 2021: Here’s how you can safely enjoy the festival on your menstrual cycle



Holi is one of the most-loved and celebrated festivals in India and around the world. Every year, people look forward to taking part in the festivities, and even amid the pandemic, they are making sure they celebrate as safely as possible, with a few close friends and family members.

But, if there is one thing that can act as a deterrent and stop people from celebrating the festival of colours, it is if they are on their periods. If Holi 2021 has coincided with your menstrual cycle, worry not. Sharana Jhangiani, the head of community for Nua, a new-age women wellness platform, shares with indianexpress.com five incredibly simple ways to take care of your menstrual hygiene on the day of Holi. Read on.

1. Plan ahead, plan better: Holi demands physical participation. It is a good idea to plan extra, to make sure you have the correct gear. Take into account factors such as how long you will be out of your house, what kind of clothes will make feel most comfortable, and what type of restroom facilities will be accessible. Always carry a handy bag with an additional pair of undergarments, pads, hand sanitiser, and wipes.

2. Choose your right size: Opting for the right size of the pad (preferably larger and wider) will prevent any unwanted leaks, and hence less chance of any unsightly stains. The use of proper products will allow you to enjoy the festival with minimum concern and maximum flexibility. Choosing the quick-dry clothes can also afford you better mobility and ease.

3. Avoid harsh chemical-based colours or sprays: It’s a good idea to have fun and soak in some colours. Make sure you do not indulge in harsh, artificial, and chemically-heavy colours to save yourself from any skin damage or infection. You wouldn’t want your pad to have chemicals and synthetic colours on it.

4. Keep yourself hydrated and stay away from certain foods: Playing Holi in the sun is fun, but it also drains your water levels. Period cramps, which occur due to bloating, are often a result of dehydration. Dehydration makes your cramps more intense and longer. So sip as much water as you can. Also be cautious of what you eat and avoid any foods that may add to the bloating.

5. Shower in lukewarm water: Post-Holi hygiene is critical, especially when you are having your periods and require special attention. It is recommended you give yourself a warm wash. This will reduce the risk of infection and help you clear out any colour and odour.

And while you are doing that, find out how you can take care of your skin and hair, too. You will find all the information here.

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