Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Here’s What You Should Know Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are one of the essential things to have this summer. With continuously increasing heat and humidity, Indian summer is one of the biggest things to survive. Indian people often search for a good, durable, and pocket-friendly AC to get relief from the outside temperature. But due to the huge market and numerous options, few people get confused and end up buying air conditioners which might not be suitable for them.

To choose the perfect air conditioner there are few things to keep in the mind.

The Capacity

Air conditioners come in various capacities these days. From smaller rooms to bigger rooms, manufacturers make their products for every kind of home. In the present market, there are various capacities available from 0.5-ton to 2-ton. Customers should choose their products after considering the capacity. For the larger rooms, more power will be needed to cool the room. Customers can ask any professional to guide the right capacity of ac, or the customers can buy their ac in respect to their room size.

Energy Efficiency

There are star ratings provided by BEE- Bureau of Energy Efficiency for every air conditioner. This star rating is based on the power that the product is consuming so customers can choose from 1-star to 5-star air conditioners according to their budget. A more star rating means more energy efficiency. The 5-star ACs generally use 20% to 22% of power than a 1 star AC. This factor of the AC is one of the most crucial things as it is connected to power consumption. 5-star ACs are usually high on price as the technology used is more advanced to make the ACs less power-consuming. Customers can save a lot of resources by purchasing the right AC.


 Ac price can be a huge issue. These cooling appliances are very much expensive for Indian middle-class people and That’s the reason people cannot afford to buy a new AC for their homes. Nowadays, there are many affordable options out there. Today the mid-range ACs come with good features. From the air flow to the star rating, these ACs are extremely good. Keeping in mind the needs of general consumers, most of the manufacturers are introducing advanced features in mid-range air conditioners. You will be able to avail of features like 4-ways swing, good airflow and lower noise even in the mid-range ACs. 

Service and maintenance

Another crucial point is service and maintenance. There are two sides to this point: the service and maintenance cost, and the second one is the availability of service. Customers should always choose the brand’s product that provides ample service centres and low-cost maintenance. In the matter of AC, this is the foremost thing. Fast services and low maintenance costs are two major things to keep in mind before selecting any ACs. 


Brand is the name that gives trust to the people. Well-known companies made their brand name and goodwill by providing the best services and products to the past and existing customers. Companies want to have a sustainable future, and for that, they are bound to provide the products and services in the same best way. Customers should choose a product from trusted companies only. In this case, Samsung ac, Voltas ac, and Blue Star ac are some of India’s best and trusted brands. Brands always provide good quality and excellent service. 

  • Reviews and Testimonials- Reviews from the existing customers can be a good way to choose any product. By these reviews, the potential customers will get an idea about the product. Someone who is using any product can say the exact things about the same product. So new or potential customers should check the reviews before taking any step. Nowadays, a person can read the feedback from Google. 

These are the main important factors to keep in mind before buying or choosing any new AC. Ac price can be a thing which plays an important part for the customers while choosing the right product. Ac brands like Samsung ac or Voltas ac can be a good choice as they are bound to serve the people in the best way possible. Above mentioned points can help the customers before buying any AC for the first time. Customers should always make decisions after seeing, judging, and examining all the above points and situations to get the perfect AC for the office, house, or any indoors. 

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