Here’s what Masaba Gupta eats in a day, from breakfast to dinner


At a time when fitness and diet have assumed great importance, many people have started taking their health seriously and realised the importance of eating healthy while exercising portion control. But if you are yet to begin your journey towards good health, here’s some much-needed motivation from fashion designer Masaba Gupta.

The Masaba Masaba actor recently took to Instagram stories to share what she eats in a day, from breakfast to dinner.

Check out her posts below:

masaba gupta diet Masaba Gupta revealed what she prefers to have in her diet. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

Some rules I have about my lifestyle which I don’t change for anything, she said, as she shared the following:

*I fast for 16 hours at least five days a week
*Workout (six days a week) on an empty stomach and then eat always.
*I change my eating pattern depending on the weather. I am in our home in the hills where it’s cooler and I’m hungrier…so three meals a day. But in Mumbai, always just two meals a day and no snacking

masaba gupta diet Masaba Gupta said she follows the same type of diet almost every day. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram)

*I don’t believe in fad diets (tried and tested) cutting out any food even 100 per cent – even dairy which gives me acne instantly. I have curd once in a while as well. But I probably won’t have a glass of milk ever.
*Everything I do is in order to keep my PCOD in control which for me is directly linked to weight gain. So, in order to break the cycle of putting on weight, taking pills, I prefer to cut out on medicines and keep my weight down. And my PCOD is much milder and I am off the pill.
*Asleep at 10-10.30 pm and awake by 6.30-7 am nearly every day.
*Dinner at sunset and nothing after. Only water.

masaba gupta diet Masaba prefers to follow her routine without fail. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

*Eat home-cooked meals as much as you can. If you want a burger, make it at home. But if there’s a food you love from your favourite restaurant, indulge once in a while.

masaba gupta diet Masaba prefers home-cooked meals. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

“A diet shouldn’t be one you can hold only for a short period of time – it should be one you can sustain for life,” she mentioned while describing how workouts and diet complement each other. “No workout can fix a bad diet and no activity won’t help a great diet,” she added.

She also gave a sneak peek into what she has every day.

masaba gupta diet Neena Gupta prepared appe for her. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

“These are personal views and we’re all different. Find what works for you,” she said.


masaba gupta diet That’s what Masaba’s breakfast looks like. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

2 uttapams + chutney
Handful of soaked almonds
2-3 pieces of apple
handful of grapes
black tea with ginger and lemon


masaba gupta diet The dessert for lunch is a mango. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

Kadhi chawal, saag, garlic sabzi (which mother Neena Gupta made)
Dessert: Mango


masaba gupta diet The dinner looks yummy. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

Rotizza: The best cheese-free kuttu atta mixed-veggie pizza. Just one before sunset. This is dinner every single day with different toppings. I’ve eaten this nearly every day for a month, and I wake up feeling light and have so much more energy than a big meal.

masaba gupta diet Masaba doesn’t like to over-indulge in mangoes. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

Talking about how she doesn’t eat a lot of mangoes for the fear of pigmentation, she expressed, “Of course, they are (bad for the skin). I had too much the other day, and I have a breakout. But it is also good for digestion, eye health, nourishes your liver, packed with potassium, magnesium, and promotes sleep too. But I have it before 4-5 pm as otherwise, it is too heavy.”

She also said how she likes to indulge in one mango a day which is first soaked in cold water for some time.

masaba gupta diet Mangoes give her pigmentation, she revealed. (Source: Masaba Gupta/Instagram Stories)

What’s your diet plan like?

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