Heavy drinking and vision loss- How is it related?


A hangover after a heavy drinking session with friends is common the next day. The next day your head spins, you have a severe headache and you regret why you ever drank. 

Even after regretting you are back to drinking again as old habits are never easy to get rid of. This vicious cycle of hedonistic lifestyle and regret goes on. It’s hard to notice the bad effects of heavy drinking at first. It only gets worse over time.

Drinking in moderation doesn’t have any bad effect. However, drinking without control harms not just your liver but also your eyes.

1. Slower pupil reaction

If your reaction time has decreased significantly even after getting sober, you should go to your eye doctor as soon as possible. Heavy drinking can weaken your optic nerves. With weak optic nerves, it will take time to send signals to your brain to respond. This delayed action can cause you problems in everyday life.

Pupils shrink and dilate to block or allow light to enter your eyes. If your pupils respond slowly, your eyes are vulnerable to harmful bright lights. 

You can wear anti-reflective lenses to block glares and sudden flashes. Or you can try to wear transition glasses that will transition to the appropriate shade according to the light.

2. Light sensitivity

Your eyes will become sensitive to light. Whenever you are exposed to light, your eyes will start hurting. The muscles around your eyes get weaker and they affect the optic nerves in return.

To relieve your eyes from sensitivity, you can wear sunglasses or stay in a dark room for a while. You can try wearing blue light blocking glasses

Another option is to put an artificial tear solution in your eyes to soothe your eyes from the pain. You can also try other home remedies like putting cucumber slices over your eyes. This will give relief to the muscles around your eyes and your sensitivity can decrease.

3. Speeding up age-related macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is a painless and slow degeneration of the macula in your eyes. This vision becomes increasingly blurred and it affects your normal day-to-day life. You will see things blurry. It would get difficult to identify faces. If you are starting to get blurry vision, it is a sign that is telling you to cut down on drinking. Macular degeneration has no treatment. You can wear glasses to correct your vision.

4. Blurry Vision

Drinking can cause you to have blurry vision. The muscles around your eyes get weak and heavy drinking over a long time can make this condition persist. Your eyesight will deteriorate and you will start having blurry vision. Get an eye test soon and get corrective glasses to improve your condition. You can get a free eye test in the UK if you are covered under NHS. Also, you can get a free eye test from Specscart, either at the nearest Specscart store or your home or your workplace.

5. Migraines

Getting a headache after drinking happens to every one of us. But your hedonist lifestyle can cause you to develop migraines. Migraines can affect your everyday life. It will affect your mood, hamper your work and social life.  

You can start wearing blue light glasses to reduce your headache while working on computers. Wearing glasses can help in reducing headaches. You can order spectacles online and get cheap glasses with good quality lenses from Specscart. 

This solution is only temporary. You will need to cut down your alcohol consumption to get rid of your problems.

6. Bloodshot eyes

Have you seen anyone with bloodshot eyes? It looks aesthetically unappealing. Heavy drinking can cause your eyes to become bloodshot. This will degrade your image and affect your social life.

7. Inability to see the shades of various colours

Heavy drinking messes with your optic nerves. It gives delayed responses and even misconstrued responses. If you are driving after getting drunk, your vision is impaired, you cannot recognise the traffic lights and you cause an accident.

Because of this continued habit, your ability to recognise colours can get affected and you will have a hard time. You will not be able to drive or enjoy your favourite show on TV. There are no glasses that will help you see colours again. So, treasure your eyes and cut down on drinking.


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