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Got exams? Boost memory, reduce stress with these nutrition tips



Just like there are no shortcuts to acing exams, there are no shortcuts to a good diet that can help you stay focused. Now, with the exam fever catching up, nutrition experts suggest making a few diet tweaks that can help your stomach feel full and also boost memory.

Celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal recently took to Instagram to share quick nutrition tips for those appearing for their exams.

Here’s what she said: “March-April is exams season in India. Eating the right food before the exams not only helps boost the memory but also helps in keeping calm in stressful times. Ensure your best self on exam day.”

Here’s what you can do.

Hot homemade breakfast

Packaged foods like cereals and instant oats contain synthetic molecules that are not recognised by our bodies and brain. Eating them will make the body feel dull and sluggish. Instead have fresh poha, upma etc.


Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, ghee boosts memory power and improves cognitive function. Include one teaspoon of ghee each with breakfast-lunch-dinner.


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The live bacteria in curd acts in the gut and enhances the release of the happy hormone serotonin that helps to control stress levels during exams. “Do not miss the ‘dahi-shakkar’ before appearing for exams,” said Ganeriwal, referring to the ritual of eating curd with sugar that many Indian families follow just before stepping out for any important work.

Unrefined sugar or Khaand

Sugar re-energises the body and brain and provides the mental ability and energy needed for a long-duration study. Choose laddoos, chikki, kokam/lemon sherbets to keep the blood sugar levels stable.


Rice being prebiotic helps to keep the stomach light, keeps away the feeling of bloating, induces good sleep, and makes sure you wake up feeling fresh the next day. Eat dal, rice, khichdi, ghee, curd rice for dinner, mentioned Ganeriwal.

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