Goji berry or Indian gooseberry: What should you have?


The pandemic has made everyone rethink their diets and lifestyle habits, As such, many people have started making healthy choices. But if you are confused and wondering how to go about it, here’s some help from nutritionist Pooja Makhija.

She recently shared how many people tend to pick goji berries when its Indian alternative — amla or Indian gooseberry — has many of the same health benefits along with some additional benefits.

“Goji berry is full of antioxidants, great in vitamin C, beta-carotene, reduces inflammation, improves immunity, reduces free radical damage. However, it is expensive,” she said.

The red fruits have only recently become popular as part of cereals, trail mixes, and granola bars. “Yes, these tiny goji berries are great for you, their purported benefits range from anti-aging to glucose regulation and immune function support,” she mentioned.

However, we have the benefits of all of the above (and more!) in a more easily accessible, affordable fruit – the Indian gooseberry- Amla!

Amla, the bright yellow-green fruit, has five times more vitamin C when compared to goji berry, said Makhija.

“Super rich in antioxidants, aids in digestion, balances stomach PH, reduces UTIs (urinary tract infection), it is great for lung and heart health because it has five times more vitamin C as compared to goji berry,” said Makhija.

“Some research papers I studied said five times more vitamin C while others had a whopping margin of 200 times more antioxidant content,” added Makhija.

What more? Amla is locally, seasonally available at inexpensive rates.

So, which is your pick?

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