Does The Wavlink WiFi Router Different From Other Routers?

Wavlink WiFi Router

The wavlink wifi router is a wireless dual-band smart wifi router with the 802.11abg standard. It is the latest technology wifi router and the data transfer rate is 1200. This router fulfills all the wifi network needs and enjoys music, games, and videos without any interruption. The wavlink wifi router has gigabit ethernet ports that easily operate 10X faster than the standard, With which you can easily make a wired connection without any problems. It comes with a dual-band frequency band, and you can easily switch the band according to your wifi needs. The wifi network speed of the wavlink wireless router is superior, by which you can unlimited streaming all devices with a reliable connection.

With the ap.setup, you can easily set up the wavlink router. In this WiFi router, you get 2 wifi bands which give you different WiFi speeds, one 2.4 GHz and the other 5 GHz. The 5 GHz gives you speeds up to 867 Mbps and 2.4 GHz gives you speeds up to 300 Mbps.

The wavlink wifi router different from other routers

The wavlink wireless dual-band smart router is different from other routers, there is some point. Which are as follows.

4 LAN port and 1 WAN port

The wavlink wifi router is a superior wifi network device for delivers the wifi network with 1200 Mbps wifi speed. But Wavlink is different from wireless routers because it has a 4 LAN and 1 WAN port. By which you can simply make the wired connection without any hitch. We can use these 4 LAN ports at the same time, like 1 LAN port makes the connection with the computer, 2 for repeater, 3 for laptop, and 4 for smart TV. For this, you must require an Ethernet cable or USB cable to make the connection. You must connect the cable end to the router’s ethernet port and tour device’s ethernet port. And then, verify the convection whether it is proper or not.

Powerful external antennas

The wavlink wifi router wifi speed is extremely first-class, you can download long files from the web. With the powerful antennas, the wavlink wireless wifi router is different from the other routers. The powerful external antennas deliver smooth or border and penetrating wifi coverage throughout the home. It is very helpful and then the wifi router to create an h2, far-reaching network in your whole home. These antennas are easily managed your router wifi signal and eliminate the wifi dead zone in the home. If you set these antennas properly, then its speed goes to every corner in the whole house, so that you can surf the web and play online gaming with your friends and family members.

Easy to use and manage Wavlink WiFi Router

The use of the wavlink router is simple. You install it in a proper manner, For installation, you should get your router out of the box and check its accessibility. Then you connect your router to the modem via an Ethernet cable. Then, you have to turn ON its power. Now your router is absolutely ready so you can use it. If you have to manage the router, then you can manage it easily by logging in and setting it up. To log in you have to make a connection between the wavlink wifi router and the computer, then open your browser of choice. Now, input http // login. Then, enter default login credentials and log in to the router account. If you want to set up your wavlink router then you utilize the ap.setup and easily set it up without any trouble.

Beamforming and TURBO Technology

The wavlink wifi router supports beamforming and turbo technology. The beamforming technology also supports the 5G technology that delivers ultra-fast wifi network speed and detects the location of your wifi router. You can use this technology and enjoy lag-free wifi network connectivity in the whole house with a steady connection. TURBO is the latest wifi technology that designs your better Wi-Fi experience. To enjoy this technology, just push the turbo button and the router wifi network will be optimized. Now, you can video chat with your friends, gaming console, enjoy music, web surfing, etc with an optimal network connection.

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