Doctor recommends this pranayam for COVID patients to keep lungs healthy


COVID patients tend to experience low oxygen levels which is why medical experts advise frequent monitoring of oxygen saturation. One can use a pulse oximeter for it.

While proning helps improve oxygen levels, Dr Naresh Trehan, chairman, Medanta, also suggests practising yoga to keep lungs healthy. One of the pranayams he recommends is anulom viyom, adding that the pranayam is effective in expanding the lungs.

When you take a deep breath and hold, there is greater oxygen exchange, the doctor said.

How to do anulom vilom:

Here are the steps:

*Sit in a meditating pose, with your spine and neck straight. Now close your eyes.
*Start with our outer wrists resting on your knees.
*Fold the index and middle fingers of your right hand.
*Close your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through your left nostril slowly and deeply.
*Release your thumb. Close your left nostril with you ring finger of your right hand. Exhale slowly through the right nostril.
*Repeat by inhaling from the left nostril.

Dr Trehan also advised one should consult a local doctor if the RT-PCR test comes positive. While some patients may require hospitalisation, many of them may get cured in home isolation, he added.

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