Different types of heels that match different occasions – When to wear them?


Women’s heels have always been in demand and have always been loved by ladies because of their versatility, especially when it’s a girls night out or when there’s a formal occasion. Ladies love to wear heels with their outfits.
While they may look classy and you may look elegantly, it doesn’t mean they are all out comfortable. Most of the time, heels are known for not having comfort because of their height, design, etc.
So, well, this then brings us to, if heels aren’t comfortable and if you need to wear them on a night out or on a formal occasion and if you really need to wear heels then the question arises if there are any comfortable heels for women. Well, to your surprise, the answer is yes. Right here, you’ll find women’s heels that are comfortable for you so all hope isn’t lost.

You must have bought a pair or two, used them once or twice, and then pushed them into the back of the closet or wherever you put your shoes? The reasons? I’m sure the topmost of it would be them being uncomfortable.
While we seek comfort everywhere and we should, heels are something that should be taken seriously when it comes to comfort as there is a huge risk of spraining

your ankle due to the extreme pressure.

So, well, suppose you’re looking for a pair of heels again, what should you keep in mind while searching or finalizing them? We’ll tell you.

Make sure you choose the right heel height for you.

This is an important matter for ladies choosing their heels because heels don’t matter if you aren’t comfortable in them. Picking a heel height that’s too high or something that’s not ideal for you may cause you problems, even if they don’t cause physical problems, they’ll put you under mental stress all the time. So, it’s imperative that you know the height of the heels that you need. Many ladies avoid this while picking their heels and in the end, they have to throw their heels away to a corner only because they weren’t comfortable.

Another point to consider is the sole of the heels. Just like the sole of every other footwear, the sole of the heels matter for comfort. One should look for heels with cushioning. This makes the heel become more comfortable than the heels with other soles.

With these being said, the next prominent aspect to consider is the shape of the heels?

Now, they can be either pointed or round. Depending on your style and preference, you can go for either one but if you choose pointed heels, you need to know that they are sometimes not easy to wear if they don’t get the fit right then you’d have to squeeze your toes which you do not want. So, it’s imperative to understand the shape of the heels that you need to get.

Types of Comfortable Heels-

When you are looking for heels that are comfortable, you need to look for the heel height and shoe shape that may be the best for you. It’s not necessary that a heel that is comfortable for your friend, is comfortable for you too as it varies from person to person and on the above two factors.

Kitten Heels-

You can imagine the kind and the type these heels can be even by looking at its name. Kitten heels as guessed are heels smaller in size than the rest.

They are short and slender and are often 1.5 inches in height which makes them more comfortable to walk in or roam around than any of the other heels available.

Not only do they look good on ladies but they are also good for seasons such as spring or summer.
You need that fresh breeze to hit your feet when it’s hot outside.
So, our first choice for comfortable heels for women is the Kitten Heels.

Pump Heels-

Pump Heels do have various different heel heights, they are just as comfortable as the rest of the heels. Most of the office ladies wear pump heels to work as it looks more professional and formal.

The best part about these heels is that they are always in stock and they can always be found in the market and on top of that, they can always be found in various colors so you have the option to pick the best color for you and enjoy the comfort it brings as well.

Block Heels-

Block heels have been termed to be more comfortable than the rest of the ones, by rest we mean the rest of the heels that are taller in height than the block ones, and this, of course, does not contain the Kitten and the Low Heels.

But, even if you opt for a higher heel in the Block Heels category, you’d still be comfortable because of the width of the heel.

Another prominent problem ladies face when they wear heels is that they run the risk of spraining your ankle (which sucks big time!) so what can you do to avoid the pain and the agony of spraining your ankle, you can go for block heels. They come in a number of colors, so the colors won’t be an issue.
So, the third kind of heels for comfort on our list is the Block Heels.


Don’t get me wrong or get confused as to how can sandals come under the head of heels, you might be thinking these are two different kinds of footwear completely, well, you are right but the sandals that are found in heels are the combination of the two as in the shoe gets the height and the texture of the heels and at the same time adds the touch of sandals to it.
This makes it look professional and they can be worn for casual outings too.
This also makes these kinds of heels to be more comfortable than the rest, which is you’d see being people somewhat older than the young adults wearing these because they are comfortable and they completely take off the risk for ankle sprain.

Flared Heel-

So, if you have seen any retro movies or any new movies that contain the retro touch or points to a time that has been decades ago, then you are going to find these heels in the movie.
These heels can be dated back to the 90s most prominently. In the 90s, these heels were the fashion for women, young and old, every lady, every woman had these on, whether for a casual walk or for a formal event. Without these the women were incomplete.
In recent times, these have been again in demand.
The Flared Heels, you might find them being closely resembled with the Kitten Heels, and you’re right they really are.
This also means they are really comfortable.


Choosing the right heels for you can be an exhausting task but only if you don’t know what kind is better for you. After reading this article, I’m sure you’d be aware of the kind of heels you need to look forward to next time when you’re in the market hunting for one.

I hope you like the article. 🙂

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