Dealing with anxiety and stress in lockdown: A mental health expert shares tips


Just when we thought things were getting better, we’re back to square one with the second wave in the country. Staying indoors and finding a purpose every day when the situation out is uncontrollable is difficult. Not only that, with loved ones passing away and the virus catching up, there is a surrounding anxiety. If you are feeling so, you are not alone. While helping others out is humane, make sure you also understand how to best deal with your emotions. Here are some ways.

Make the time to count your blessings

Start each morning by saying out loud five things that you’re truly grateful for. “It seems like a menial activity but when you say those five things you will truly feel good and realise that although you are in a situation you can’t wait to get out of it can always be worse,” shares Shahzeen Shivdasani, relationship expert and the author of the book Love, Lust and Lemons.   

Maintain a routine

Shivdasani says, “When normalcy is something that feels stolen from you, find small ways to keep it alive with your tasks.” The best way you can do that is to maintain a routine. It can be anything from starting a new project, working out and or even taking part in a hobby such as art journaling.

“Try learning a word every day and incorporating it into your conversation or maybe cook your favourite dish! Do not sit doing nothing because anxiety feeds on an idle mind.”

Reach out to people

If your anxiety and stress are getting to you, do not isolate yourself. Turn to the people you love. “Yes, you may not be able to see them but thanks to technology, they are only a phone call away. Talk about your problems and what you are feeling. Remember, you are not alone,” she adds. Everyone is going through stress based on the current situation. Open up and allow yourself to feel connected to the people in your life.


One of the most important ways to deal with stress and anxiety is acceptance. “We may have some good months where life seems almost normal and we have a month where things ‘hit the fan’ and you are worried about your life and everyone around you. Accept that. However, don’t spiral into thinking this is your life forever,” she says in conclusion.

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