Dan Schatt: Earnity, the World’sFirst Community-Based Crypto Platform and Marketplace

The Forex Market

Composed of an international team of committed fintech professionals, Earnity is home to team members who share the belief that managing crypto should not be complicated. CEO Dan Schatt mentions that the group of fintech veterans is building a new means for global users to exchange, swap, earn, and learn about crypto.

Community-based platform

One reason people don’t dive into the world of crypto is inaccessibility. They perceive the field as something that is hard to grasp and even harder to manage. As a community-based platform, Earnity is building a curated financial marketplace where people can learn, earn, and save in a flawless manner. It welcomes crypto beginners with open arms, teaching them the basics of digital currency and other aspects of the future of finance.

Revolutionized financial services

According to Earnity CEO Dan Schatt, code-based money and financial services will shift the way the world works—all for the better. The platform promises to lead the charge by educating users about how they manage their assets. The financial revolution should not be reserved for only those proficient in cryptocurrency but open to everyone curious and willing to learn. 

Better security; increased simplicity

Earnity is passionate about developing products its global users can recommend to their loved ones. The social-first crypto platform and the marketplace is concerned about providing equitable access to top-notch financial products and services. It is a platform that respects and upholds the authentic promise of crypto, that is, individual empowerment. Earnity is head and shoulders above the rest for its dedication to education, transparency, access, and equal opportunity. 

Bringing you along the crypto ride

Crypto is going mainstream. With cryptocurrency taking over conversations in workplaces, schools, and households, Earnity has been working towards providing global users with a safe space where they can learn about digital currency as it makes its mainstream debut. 


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