Covid vaccine: 7 things to remember if you are getting the jab


The fight against Covid-19 is at its peak with the government recently announcing that the vaccine is now available for everyone above the age of 18 years from May 1. So if you are planning to get the vaccine anytime soon, here are seven basic things you need to note, as suggested by Dr Vishakha, a writer and award-winning nutritionist.

In an Instagram post, she urged all those eligible to take the vaccine because “there is enough evidence to show that even if you do get the vivid infection post-vaccination, the infection will be mild. Chances that you will reach the hospital or die are close to zilch! And that’s what we need currently.”

“I cannot begin to explain the anguish I feel when I get a call from a gasping patient in the middle of the night especially if I am unable to help because of the lack of a hospital bed. Let each of us do our part,” she added.

Take a look at the seven things she mentioned from her book Covid and post Covid recovery “that will help improve vaccine outcome”:


Ensure you get at least six hours of sleep per night the week before you get vaccinated. Try these ayurvedic tips to get a good night’s sleep.

Take a probiotic

This is because “70 per cent of our immunity lies in the gut,” said Dr Vishakha. Keeping your gut healthy at all times is extremely crucial. Here are six things you can do to improve your gut health, check it out here. 


These are overwhelming times but one must remember that chronic stress can make things worse. “Acute or chronic stress can weaken the response to the vaccine,” added Dr Vishakha. Try doing calming exercises, practice meditation or even aromatherapy.

Avoid smoking

Don’t smoke because this can reduce the antibody response to several vaccines. She suggests opting for a nicotine patch or gum, if absolutely necessary.

Do not consume alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to one’s health. It is advisable to stop consuming alcohol 3-4 days prior to getting vaccinated. This is because the same can weaken our response to the vaccine. “Avoid alcohol 3 days before and after you get your shot. Also, avoid binge drinking 45 days prior to getting your dose,” said the doctor.

Add zinc to your diet

Zinc is known to boost antibody response, so ensure that you include zinc in your diet at least two weeks prior to getting the dose. “You can also start taking a supplement or a shot prior to your shot,” said Dr Vishakha, adding that it is present in animal protein, sprouts, legumes. Insufficient levels of zinc in your body can be bad for digestion and health, know more here. 

Consume protein 

“Protein intake is crucial. Pay extra attention to your diet to ensure this. The elderly can be particularly deficient,” mentioned the doctor. Here are great vegan protein sources for you. You can also try these low-carb options: click here.

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