Covid-19 vaccine: Five healthy foods you can eat before and after you get the jab



A lot of people have got the Covid-19 vaccine. However, there are a lot of questions regarding the same — the effectiveness of the jab, side-effects and also what should one eat before and after you get the shot.

To help you with some answers, Dr Uma Naidoo, Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist, recently took to Instagram and said: “It is so important to take into account your diet around when you get the vaccine to reduce any side effects you may get.”

She then went on to suggest some foods that one can consume before and after getting the vaccine. Check them out below.

Green vegetables

This one had to be on the list. She said that vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli are super high in antioxidants, “which fight inflammation that would otherwise cause negative side effects.”

Stew or soups

Our gut plays an extremely crucial role in maintaining overall health, including a strong immune response. “To boost your immunity, it’s important to feed your gut. You can pack these full of colourful veggies, anti-inflammatory spices, and fibre,” she suggested.

Onion and garlic

Both these items are great for boosting immunity and also feed good gut bacteria. “These are rich in probiotics which feed the probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut. Another way stews and soups can come in handy,” said Dr Naidoo.


“My go-to anti-stress food, turmeric is a powerful combatant of inflammation as well as shields your brain from stress,” she wrote.


We all know about the antioxidant-rich blueberries. They also help in increasing serotonin levels! Dr Naioo suggested trying them with unsweetened, probiotic-filled yoghurt.

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