Covid-19 Vaccination: Here’s how to check for vaccine slot availability details on Telegram


All adults in India are now eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19. However, the process comes with its own hurdles in the form of slot booking. The lack of vaccine stocks in many regions across India has made it hard for people to get vaccinated in a timely manner, even if they have already registered for the vaccination process.

However, initiatives by a number of people have led to websites where users can go sign up. These pages will then notify users when vaccine stocks, and hence, vaccination slots are available in their areas. The process eliminates the tedious, possibly repetitive enquiry process that people may have to go through to get a slot.

These various sites will send alerts to people who sign up, using methods like email or chat services like Telegram Messenger. Note that users will still have to go to the CoWIN platform to book an appointment at a nearby centre.

One tool users can try is a website called created by developer Berty Thomas. Targeted particularly at users in the 18-44 age bracket, Under45 has a feature that will alert users on Telegram when a vaccination slot is available in a centre near them.

How to use

To use, simply head over to the site and choose the Telegram notification option on the bottom, under the State and District options. Here you will see another similar page with State and District options.

Proceed by entering your State and District. Users will then be redirected to a channel that is specific to their districts, which they can join to see detailed slot availability data like which centre has available slots, the number of slots available, and the availability date.

vaccine, covid, covid 19, covid vaccine, covid vaccination, under45 Here’s how to get directed to the Under45 Telegram channel for your district. (Express Photo)

The Telegram channel will relay this information in the form of messages, the frequency of which will be determined by the number of centres and availability of vaccines near you. The messages you get in the channel will also include what vaccine is available (Covaxin/Covishield).

Other tools in case you don’t use Telegram

There are a few other tools/websites as well that will alert you, including and However, since these tools are email-based they could be affected by high traffic and may not be as reliable. These sites were not working at the time of writing this article.

Users may also try Amit Agarwal’s COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker for India, which operates via a Google Sheet but requires users to give access to their Google Account, which may create privacy concerns for some users. Users may try this tool at their own risk.

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