Covid 19: Bhagyashree shares home remedy to combat chronic fatigue, muscle soreness


Many people experience chronic fatigue and body pain after recovering from COVID, making it difficult to resume daily activities. While a healthy diet along with timely breaks is essential to keep oneself healthy, one can also try some simple remedies for relief.

Actor Bhagyashree shared a home remedy that can help reduce such pain, and in turn, stress.

“Chronic fatigue, body pain during and post Covid-19 can really make it very difficult for you to even stay mentally strong during isolation,” she mentioned in an Instagram post.

According to her, Nilgiri or eucalyptus oil paired with coconut oil can help as a pain-relief treatment.

How to make it?


Eucalyptus oil
Coconut oil


*Mix about 10-15 drops of eucalyptus (nilgiri) oil in coconut oil (as a base oil) or make a ready oil in the ratio of 1:6

How to apply?

*Use the prepared oil to massage your hands and feet in an upward motion, morning and at night before you sleep.

How is eucalyptus useful?

“The concoction helps reduce muscle soreness and increase blood circulation,” said Bhagyashree, sharing how she used to apply the concoction to recover from the after-effects.

Nilgiri oil is used in aromatherapy for stress reduction. It also clears your bronchi (passageways) in your lungs making it possible to breath easier. Its essence also gives relief to your nose and throat. This is something I did regularly. Being able to reduce body ache makes it possible for you to keep your mind diverted from feeling more anxious, so do try this simple tip.

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