Can you consume alcohol after getting a COVID vaccine?



As more and more people opt for the COVID vaccine, including everyone above the age of 45 from April 1, different queries have also cropped up on things one should do or avoid after getting a dose.

Among the many such questions is whether it is okay to drink after getting vaccinated? According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, “As per experts, there is no evidence of alcohol impairing the effectiveness of the vaccine.”

However, Dr Kirti Sabnis, infectious disease specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund said that while it is not part of any standardised guideline, one should avoid heavy drinking for at least a week.

“If you do end up consuming alcohol, moderation is important; everyday drinking remains unadvisable,” the doctor tells

Besides, alcohol consumption, especially in large quantities, can also mask any side effects that one may experience after getting vaccinated, says Dr Sabnis — like pain, rashes or fever, which means they may not get the required medical attention at the earliest.

Not to mention, alcohol can also bring down one’s immunity. “This could be detrimental in the current scenario.”

The doctor, however, advised that one should avoid alcohol in all forms in general. “Ideally, alcohol in all forms should be avoided in general, especially if done in a public set-up; it makes people let their guard down – which is not ideal in the current situation. There are no medical guidelines; alcohol is not contraindicated for this vaccination; however, moderation is the key.”

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