Buying Bike Covers – A Consumer Guide to Choose the Featured Ones

Buying Bike Covers

Getting a good bike cover will help you to safeguard your investment on an expensive road bike. There are plenty of varieties available out there at the online stores, which may easily make you confused while getting onto buying one. Most of the bike covers may seem to be equal when searching to buy one, but there may be differences in terms of functionalities and features of various bike covers. This article will discuss some additional features you can look for while buying bike covers that will offer you the best value for money.

Securing the cover

If you are purchasing a standard-size cover, then you may have to look for ways to reduce any excess material and ensure that the cover fits well at the bottom of the bike. However, it should also be tightly secured around the wheels. There are various ways to do this as below.

  • Elastic hem – At the corners or fully around the bottom of the cover, you can consider having elastic hems to fix the cover safely onto the bike. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare for the owners to take the cover on and off. You may look for adjustable elastic hems if you are leaving the bike outdoors for a longer time.
  • Drawstrings – It can be an easy way to get the bike cover on and off. This idea is also ideal for securing the cord and a few little plastic clips. You can pull the string around the bottom tightly and secure it with a clip. However, you should opt for it only if it is easy to use. If you choose elastic, make sure that it is only elastic at the end and not the whole cover.

Holes for ventilation

Ventilation holes or slits on the bicycle covers are surely a functional add-on. It is important to have enough air circulation inside the cover while the bike is kept covered. Having enough ventilation will help to avoid sweating or moisture accumulation inside the bike covers. Moisture accumulation may further cause condensation, expedite rusting of the metal parts, and mold, and mildew formation.

Ventilation holes may be normal at the top corner at the handle or around the saddle region. These slits may be very small as you may not even know if you do not look at them so closely. Another place you can get some ventilation is through the lock holes. If there is a horizontal flap at the middle, secured with a Velcro strap, you can leave it slightly open to allow air passage inside the cover.

Choice of color

The choice of color of the bicycle cover may not make too much difference, but it could be put on as an argument that a black cover may get super hot if you leave it open to the midday sun. People also have personal choices in terms of colors. Many people prefer to choose black as it is more discreet and do not shout out ‘here’s a bike.’ The 600DF black material is more likely to blend with the surroundings of the outdoors. However, while selecting the bike covers, you can get plenty of choices to make.

Last but not least, you may consider the pricing of your bike cover. You may get covers from as low as $20, and it may go up to $100 or more based on the quality of the materialand the features of the cover. Rather than looking for the price as the benchmark to choose a cover, you need first to evaluate the functionality of the cover, good fit, and functional add-ons to identify whether the cower is full value for the money you spent. The best place to do this research is online, where you have customized options to compare different products and identify which one is the best.


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