It is almost the BIRTHDAY CAKES of a dear person, and you want to make them happy to mark the occasion. What would a birthday be without an excellent personalized cake perfectly made? How to choose the adult birthday cake that will delight your friend and all their guests? It will not happen without some essential criteria. Get to know here in this post.

The difficulty of choosing a good birthday cake for adults

When a child celebrates his birthday, it’s easy: we take out the balloons, the fun personalized birthday cake with the effigy of his hero, or the one that will remind him of a cartoon. However, when it comes to the adult birthday cake, things get a bit tricky. The point is, while children are easy to please, adults are a bit more complex because of their differences. So how do you choose and order a birthday cake for an adult?

Already, you must define the adult in question as well as his personality. If it’s a man, he might be less picky than a woman when it comes to her tailor-made birthday cake. However, it will also be much less easy to impress! Fortunately, many designs for men’s birthday cakes are popping up that you can opt for a birthday cake order. For example, many adult birthday cakes for men and women will make the person concerned happy in our store.

How to decorate your cake design for adults?

To successfully decorate a birthday cake for an adult, we first focus on refinement and elegance. Then, do not forget to personalize an adult birthday cake by wishing it all the happiness in the world. Sugar paste icing is always your best ally in terms of decoration and personalization.

In terms of taste, it is better to balance because adults generally like contrasting flavors. So, for example, you can opt for a chocolate sponge cake with passion mousse filling. Or a cake with vanilla sponge cake and speculoos. Here are some cake design ideas trending that you should like:

·        Louis Vuitton birthday cake

·        Smoking Birthday Cake

·        Tiffany & Co birthday cake

·        iPhone Birthday Cake

What Makes a Perfect Adult Birthday Cake?

It is not always easy to find inspiration when designing or ordering an adult birthday cake online. We always tend to think wrongly that an adult-only thinks about the taste and that the aspect of the cake does not interest him. It is wrong and very wrong! However, the difficulty of combining aesthetics and flavors to the pastry elegantly is up to the task. With years of experience, we specialize in cake design as well as in personalized pastry. You can choose to bet on the simplicity of a birthday cake with unique flavors or keep the taste while focusing on a unique design.

Chocolate Fondant Cake – For all Generations

If you want to have a perfect chocolate fondant cake, choose good quality chocolate for baking. Already, the idea of ​​using white chocolate and the milk variant is far from you. You better go for couverture chocolate. It is a professional ingredient with an excellent cocoa butter content, yet it remains less sweet than simple pastry chocolate.

For Chocolate lovers

For all chocolate addicts, we invite you to discover all our personalized cakes in our special chocolate cake category, where you will meet all your taste desires. More than 100 models of cakes are available on the site. Order the cake that you like the most or the one that will surprise your loved ones. , Our pastry chefs will produce the model exactly as you imagined it, adding, for example, the first name and age of your child or any other personalized cake that enchants you.

How to order a cake with us?

The procedure for ordering a cake is quite traditional (choosing a product in the order basket indicating the weight, filling, wishes for the cake’s design. If you want to deviate from the presented sample; then enter your data,  terms, and conditions for the delivery of the cake; then confirm the order and choose a payment method) – therefore, experienced Internet users can immediately click on the picture they like with the cake and order.

 If you have not found a cake that suits you in our catalog, send us an e-mail (see Contacts) your picture or draw a sketch, at least a simple pencil sketch of your idea of ​​the cake, indicate the weight, filling, date of the celebration – we will answer.



Do you have a special event to celebrate and look for the original cake to mark the occasion? You no longer have the time to go from pastries to pastries to find the perfect piece of cake with your personality? Consult our catalog and order a birthday cake that suits you.


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