Baisakhi 2021: Snapchat announces new AR Lenses to celebrate Baisakhi, Gudi Padwa, Puthandu



Baisakhi 2021: Snapchat has now launched localised AR Lenses to celebrate the arrival of the spring and harvest season in India. The festival is celebrated in most parts of the country by different names. It is known as Baisakhi in North India; in Tamil Nadu it is called Puthandu, while it is called Bihu in Assam and Pahela Baisakh in West Bengal.

Snapchat has released special Lenses to mark the celebrations for each state and these can be accessed via the app. Here are the details.

Users can rely on the Snapchat Lens Explorer, which is visible when you launch the app. You can tap on the Smiley symbol next to the camera button, and then tap on the Explore option, which is present at the bottom.


Baisakhi is celebrated in the North India. The festival is highly celebrated in Punjab. The official Vaisakhi Lens was created by Snapchat Official Lens Creator (OLC)Jagmeet Singh. The Lens has a traditional dhol that is activated through a hand gesture. Jagmeet Singh, known to be as one of India’s first OLC, was the creator behind the popular Dark Moody lens as well. The Lens can be found by typing Vaisakhi in the Snapchat explorer

Gudi Padwa, Puthandu

Gudi Padwa, which is celebrated in West India, marks the beginning of the New Year in Maharashtra. It also marks the onset of the ensuing summer season and is celebrated with much vigour throughout Maharashtra. Puthandu or the Tamil New Year follows the spring equinox and celebrates the first day of the traditional Tamil calendar.

Lenses for both festivals can be found in the Snapchat explorer as well. Several creators have added their Lenses around these festivals for users to pick and choose from.


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