Aluminum Composite Panels in Sydney — 5 Reasons to Use

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum cladding panels are an ultra-modern structural material mainly used for cladding facades of buildings. This material can also be used in the spheres of shipbuilding, automotive, aviation and chemical industries, energy, and, of course, in construction. Composite panels can be used to solve the most complex architectural problems; it is possible to use them not only for the construction of new buildings, but also for reconstruction. Commercial objects, office centers, administrative buildings, gas stations, car dealerships, and any technical premises are faced with panels.  

Features and benefits of aluminum panels 

Most manufacturing companies give 15 to 25 years warranty for aluminium composite panels in Sydney. This means that during this period:

  • the panels do not deform, but remain the same;
  • the color of the panels will not change under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • panels will not lose their shine and perfect appearance;
  • no cracks appear on the panels under any weather conditions.

Buying cladding material is an important and crucial moment. Not only the beautiful look of the building, but also its functionality and durability will depend on the correctly selected facing material.

How to work with composite panel cladding

Aluminum cladding panels for the facade are a box-like structure, rectangular or another geometric shape with flanges along the edge for fastening. The top and bottom corners are cut with a special press. Bending of a solid aluminum sheet is performed by manual or mechanical press-bending machine. The thicker composite sheet is milled before bending. This allows the material to bend with the smallest radii and beautiful surface mating. For the manufacture of composite panel cladding — screens, for decorating the facade over translucent glazing or for decorating opaque surfaces, as well as for creating media facades, aluminum panels with through-slots in the form of ornaments are used. Moreover, any shapes are possible, the only limitation is that the area of the cuts should be no more than 55% of the total surface area, otherwise the panels cannot withstand wind loads, bend and break.

A varied color palette of aluminium composite panels in Sydney can satisfy the most demanding needs. The manufacturers’ warehouses already have panels of most of the most popular shades, but you can also make an individual order. If you buy a ready-made set of facade material made of aluminum, be sure to purchase a complete set, which includes not only the panels themselves, but also the profile and fasteners. Remember that when working with any facing materials, the criterion of correct and tight fastening is of particular importance.


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