Addite Malik savours panjeeri during pregnancy; know more about the immunity-boosting preparation


Homemade sweets are known to be extremely good for bosting immunity and health. From energising one to satiating sweet cravings, they are a powerhouse of essential nutrients, especially for pregnant women.

Having one such delightful preparation was actor Addite Malik who shared a picture of herself savouring panjeeri — a Punjabi dish loaded with herbal gums, ghee and dry fruits. It is considered extremely nutritious for new mothers and pregnant women.

“I have always been a believer of our Indian traditions and my belief has only increased in my pregnancy. I’m savoring Panjeeri which is a traditional Indian dish made of ghee and dry fruits and is extremely beneficial for pregnant women as well as new mothers. It’s nutritious, yummy as well as such a good immunity booster! And the extra taste comes from a mother’s love who makes it for you, Love You Mumma!” she said.

“Panjeeri is a highly nutritious, super delicious snack and post-pregnancy body healer par excellence for new mums. It has the goodness of ghee, dry fruits, safe sugar from jaggery, flour, poppy seeds – all strength-giving, healing foods for the post-pregnancy body. Indian traditions extol the virtues of panjeeri. It should be eaten right after giving birth to replenish the energy needed to kickstart the healing process,” said nutritionist Lovneet Batra in an Instagram post.

Here are some of the benefits she suggested:

*The ingredients used in panjeeri can help new mothers regain strength and also provides them with nutrients that are essential for breastfeeding.

*Panjeeri helps with the flow of breast milk and removes excess fluid from the uterus, helping it go back to its normal size.

*It is a great immunity booster and helps to quickly replenish the lost immunity to fight common infections one is vulnerable to post-childbirth.

Tips to make the perfect panjeeri, as shared by blogger Izzah:

*Ghee is the most important ingredient. Be generous with it. It’s what makes the panjeeri easy to eat and digest. Too little ghee makes panjeeri dry and hard.

*The key to roasting everything well is to keep the heat at medium or below and be patient with it. You want to remove any rawness from the ingredients so that it brings out the flavour and health-giving properties. But over-roasting will cause the nuts, seeds, etc., to become bitter.

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