Acidity troubling you? Here’s how Ayurveda can help



‘Prevention is better than cure’, hence it is always a good idea to take preventive measures that can help keep a disease or ailment at bay. While a healthy diet and regular exercise can help one maintain overall wellness, there are certain other simple lifestyle habits that can help in the long run.

Today, we discuss how one can manage or treat acidity by keeping a few simple things in mind:

How to prevent it?

Avoid excessive spicy, sour, salty, fermented, fried, and fast food, said ayurvedic practitioner Dr Dixa Bhavsar.

What do you need to keep in mind to avoid acidity?

*Do not overeat. Try to stay away from sour fruits.
*Do not remain hungry for long hours if that causes acidity. Don’t skip meals (never a lunch). Avoid untimely and irregular eating. Have early dinners.
*Avoid foods containing an excess amount of garlic, salt, oil, chillies, etc. very often. It’s best to avoid non-veg too.
*Avoid lying down immediately after food and in supine position. The best-recommended position is left lateral.
*Avoid, smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee and aspirin-type drugs.
*Try to avoid stress.

Home remedies:

*Drink coriander water (infusion) throughout the day.

*Chewing half teaspoon of fennel seeds after food helps.

*Nothing better than coconut water first thing in the morning.

*You can even drink fennel sharbat (juice) in the afternoon (fennel + rock sugar/misri).

*Soak raisins overnight and drink the water the next morning on an empty stomach.

*Have lukewarm milk at bedtime with one teaspoon of cow’s ghee (also helps with insomnia and constipation).

*Drink rosewater and mint water as they are cooling and also help digest food better.

*Fruits: Sweet pomegranates, bananas, stewed apples, plums, raisins, apricots, coconut, or any other locally available fruits.

Ayurvedic herbs

amla You can also use the amla fruit in its simplest form — as a juice. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Amla: juice: 15-20ml twice a day.
Amla powder: Half tsp before meals twice a day.
Shatavari: 1 tsp twice a day with milk.
Yastimadhu (licorice root powder): Have it half tsp twice a day empty stomach.
Aloe vera juice: 20 ml in morning and evening on an empty stomach.

What more can you do?

*Take enough rest.
*Drink enough water.
*Have sound sleep.
*Practice yoga, Pranayam, meditation and exercise regularly.

“Best Pranayam for acidity: Sheetali, Shitkari, Anuloma viloma, Bhramari,” said Dr Bhavsar.

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