5 EHR Software with Robust Mobile Apps

Robust Mobile App

Why a Mobile App for an EHR is Important 

While these days it is mandatory to have an EHR software at your medical practice, you get to choose which software this will be. In this piece, we want to tell you about mobile apps. Mobile apps for EHRs are fairly common now however, there is a good thing as a good application and a bad application. While these apps may be common now, not all of them are good. In this piece, we want to tell you about various EHR software which have a robust mobile app that you can use. 

A mobile app these days is necessary. As the world shifts to handheld mobile devices, it only makes sense for your EHR software to also be available in a version which allows you to be on the go. In this piece, we will talk about various EHR which have decent mobile apps that you can use. From OneTouch EMR to NextGen. Hopefully, you will be able to determine which of these software would be the right call for you! 

Top EHR with Mobile Apps 


The first software on our list for an EHR with a robust mobile app is OneTouch EMR which has a lot of wonderful features. The mobile app for OneTouch EMR, allows you to do billing for your patients and even has the pre-added coding you need to make billing correctly. This allows you to make billing on the go and not have to seek out a dedicated computer to do so, which honestly makes things a lot more easier. 

The charting feature for OneTouch EMR is also available on its mobile app. This helps you chart on the go. For example, you are now able to chart patient data as the patient narrates their history to you instead of having to make notes on your clipboard and later entering them on to a designated computer. This helps keep your data secure, allows you to enter data much quicker and overall helps you a lot! 


The next software on our list after OneTouch EMR is Meditab. This is a popular EHR software with a lot to offer. The mobile app also gives you access to several great features. One of the features in Meditab’s mobile app is the lab results feature which allows you to receive and view patient’s test results on your mobile app for the software. 

The second feature in Meditab’s mobile app which we think is incredibly helpful for physicians is the refill request approval. If you receive a request for a refill from a pharmacy on behalf of your patient you can easily approve it from your mobile app. Thus you can do so any time of the day and not just within office hours which makes things much easier and convenient for your patients as well who might be in an emergency situation! 


AdvancedMD is perhaps one of the most popular EHR software options in the market. This software has a great mobile app feature. The appointment scheduling feature in AdvancedMD’s mobile app allows you to schedule appointments for patients easily. You do not have to be at the desk with a designated computer to block your calendar and schedule an appointment, but can merely do it on your phone or tablet! 

The patient notes feature for the mobile app also makes it easy for you to make notes on the go. The feature allows you to make notes as you are talking to the patient wherever you are, whether you are on the phone, in your office or in an examination room. 


NextGen also has a really great mobile app for its users to enjoy. One of the best features within this app is that it allows physicians and staff at a medical practice to communicate with patients through a secure messaging medium. If your patients has some queries or you want to communicate some information to them; you can easily do so through the app without having to worry about security! 

The mobile scribe feature also allows you to make patient notes in no time at all. What previously took you hours will then take you minutes because of how easy to navigate the feature is and how simple it makes everything for you! 


The final software in our list that has a great mobile app is Kareo. Kareo is also known for a great desktop app solution however its mobile app is just as good if not more. One of the features in Kareo’s mobile app which makes it so popular is the fact that physicians and staff workers are easily able to reference their appointments from it. You can look at your schedule on the go, update it and always have it with you so you know you are on track and what you have going on for the day! 

The second thing about Kareo’s mobile app which is great is the security it has. In order to use the mobile app you have to sign in to your ID for the portal to be able to access its features and use it. This helps you keep patient information secure, which is a big concern for any medical practice! 


We hope you will be able to find the right software from the extensive list we have provided above! From OneTouch EMR to Kareo; we are sure one of these will suit your needs! 

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