5 Best Productivity Technology Tools To Get You More Time


Business inclined personalities have great respect for time; they value their time like their life depends on it. Most of them rely on technology tools for efficiency, so they get a lot done within a few seconds.

Sometimes, staying on a particular task for too long can also be boring; hence you might need to juggle between tasks to maximize productivity. This shows that you need a tool to serve as a reminder to guide you through your daily activity.

Technology tools are tailored to different lifestyles and need to suit everyone. So, in this article, I’ll be going through the best 5 productivity technology tools that you need to optimize time.

Technology Tools That Optimize Time

1. Canva

Do you need to create identification cards, business cards, flyers, promotional videos, logos, or mock-ups without the hassle of going through Udemy graphic design course? Then, Canva is the right technology tool for you. Canva has been designed to assist you in bringing your creative imagination to life.

With Canva, you can create a logo within a short time frame to boost your business presence. Create business identity cards for yourself and employees, and business cards all with no charges, although you might need to pay for some premium features like a few templates and mock-ups.

2. Massive

Massive, popularly known as MASV, is your best bet for moving time-basic large documents to customers. As a videographer, content creator, or any random business owner, you need to move documents to team members or customers. As such, you need a reliable platform for file sharing. Massive guarantees your file’s security with fast delivery.

Massive is built with speed in mind; hence it runs on a worldwide file-sharing network with over 150 servers around the globe. Bid farewell to network glitches and fluctuations while sending large files and optimize the time you waste using other unreliable file-sharing platforms.

3. Toggl

The advocates of time optimization must be proud of the tool as it effectively helps you track the number of hours you spend on a task. This tool is tailored towards freelancers, graphic designers, consultants, web developers, and the likes to keep track of hours they spend on each job.

The tool was built in 2006, and its functionality is not restricted by the device. This means it is compatible with mobiles phones, laptops, and tablets to keep track of hours used on a project.


The foundation for every successful person out there is proactiveness. If you start your work by 8 a.m, it is important to get to work before 8 a.m; so you can sort the tasks you need to get done and tick them immediately you’re done with them. Similarly, if you close by 4 p.m, you might need to wait a few more minutes to prepare for the next day’s work to maximize productivity.

Research has shown that proactive employees achieve more success in their careers than other employees. With that being said, it is no surprise that ANY.DO has a staggering 20 million users around the globe. The tool helps you plan your schedule by combining a calendar, to-do list, and reminders to put you ahead of others.

5. Spark

If you want to remain focused, stay away from your emails because a simple “HI” conversation can lead to an endless conversation with no value. Elon Musk was right when he said he keeps his phone and laptop away while at work to avoid distraction.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be social or respond to important emails; you just need to sort them, and spark is your go-to tool. With spark, you have the luxury of sorting your email to attend to the important ones, only leaving the less important emails for a later time.

The tool has a built-in AI that helps sort the emails into personal, notifications, and newsletters, so you choose to reply if it is personal or ignore if it is a newsletter or notification.


Productivity is the order of the day in today’s world. There are lots of mental breakdowns cases, so you need to go easy on yourself and assign effective technology tools to manage your tasks.

Whatever field or profession you are in, it is essential to use your time effectively by optimizing time and using the hours you gained to focus on other productive things to ease stress.


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