5 Basic Blackjack Strategies

how many cards are in a deck
how many cards are in a deck

Everything You Need To Know To Get Better At Blackjack 

If you want to make a profit during a night at the casino then you should consider learning how to play Blackjack. 

Out of the big four casino games (slots, Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack), you are the most likely to win a game of Blackjack. The house edge is very small compared to your other options. 

Blackjack is also a really relaxing game to play because you don’t have to play against anyone else at the casino – you can all succeed together. 

History Of Blackjack 

No one really knows when Blackjack was invented – there are two conflicting theories. 

One theory suggests that the game was invented in Ancient Rome. Instead of playing with cards, they would use rocks painted with numbers. There is a game that multiple people believe to be Blackjack referenced in a few texts from the time. 

The other theory claims that the game was invented in France in the 18th Century – around the time that the game Roulette was invented and Poker became popular. 

We do know that French and British soldiers brought the game over to America with them. At the time the game was called Vingt-et-un which translates to 21 in French. 

The name Blackjack was not actually used until the early 20th century when a casino in America decided to introduce a bonus jackpot for players that played a black jack with its matching ace to win the round. 

Once the game arrived in America, it became a huge hit in homes and in the gambling halls. Historians believe the fact that Blackjack can be played with only two people helped to make it so popular – as well as its simple and easy-to-follow rules – especially compared to Poker. 

How To Play Blackjack 

Blackjack, it takes 10 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master… 

Blackjack has remained so popular for so long because it is so simple. The game has one aim – get a set of cards that adds up to 21. 

To win a game of Blackjack the cards in your hand must add up to 21 or they must be closer to 21 than the hand of the dealer. However, if you go over 21 you are out of the game for the rest of the round. 

Let’s look at a simple step-by-step guide to the game. 

Blackjack Guide 

Step 1 – The dealer will give everyone at the table, including themselves 2 cards. The dealer will reveal one of their cards. 

Step 2 – Look at your hand, if your cards add up to over 21 announce that you are bust. 

Step 3 – If they add up to exactly 21, announce that you have a blackjack. 

Step 4 – If neither of the above happens, decide whether you want to take another card. And ask for one, if so. 

Repeat Steps 2-4 until you are happy with your hand or you win/lose. 

Step 5 – Once you are happy with your hand, announce that you want to stick. 

Step 6 – The dealer will reveal their hand. Anyone who has a better hand than the dealer has won. 

Card Values 

Every number card is worth the exact value of its number, no matter the suit – for example, a 2 of clubs is worth 2 points. 

All face cards (jack, queen, and king) are worth 10 points. 

The player can decide the value of an Ace – they can choose to make it a 1 or a 10. 

There will be no jokers in the deck. 

5 Basic Blackjack Strategies

Here are 5 tips and strategies that will help you to improve your Blackjack skills. 

#1 – Practice On Free And Low Stake Games 

When your own money is at risk, you want to make sure you take the time to practice and get better at the game. You do not want to jump straight into high stake games and lose all your money in one go. 

Try to play free online blackjack before you start playing for money. 

#2 – Know The Power Of Your Hand 

Before you start playing for money, you should familiarize yourself with Blackjack theory. 

You should know what hands are good and what hands are bad. For example, you should know that an 11 is the best hand in the game after a 21 and a 20. You can ask for another card with no risk of going bust and there is a very high chance that you will get an ace or face card and win. 

#3 – Stick with 2 Aces and Split 2 8s 

Speaking of hands. Let’s look at the concept of splitting. 

You can choose to discard one of the cards you get when your hand is first dealt – this is called Splitting. 

You may be told to split on 2 Aces, however, 20 is the second-best hand in the game. Stick with it! 

However, 16 is one of the worst hands in the game, if you have 2 8s, then you should really split. 

#4 – Know The Dealers Odds 

Remember that when you are playing Blackjack you are either trying to get to 21 or trying to get closer to 21 than the dealer. 

To do this successfully, you should be aware of the fact that the average hand the dealer has is going to be 17 or higher. This is what makes 16 such a bad hand. 

If you get a 15 or a 16 you are better off risking taking an extra card because you are unlikely to win on those hands alone.

#5 – Keep An Eye On The Dealer’s Turned Card 

After they have dealt themselves their hand, the dealer will turn over one of their cards. Use this knowledge to your advantage. 

If you see that the dealer has a 9 or less then and you have a hand of 10, then you should double your bet before taking an extra card. The odds are in your favor. 


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