4 Essential Things to Know About NERC 

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Dependable power production relies on the regulation of bulk power systems. It involves a critical responsibility as any loophole or disruption may affect the customers and location at large. The bulk power system is an interconnected electric energy transmission network, providing electric energy from generation facilities that maintain transmission system reliability. Reliable power production can be attained by enforcing standards and certification of system operators.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation or NERC is considered the sole Electrical Reliability Organization in North America. It was established to develop and enforce reliable opening standards for the related functional entities operating within the four major interconnections.

NERC compliance ensures efficiency and safety in all the generation and distribution companies through standards compliance, including standards enforcement, power plant monitoring, registration and recognition of power system operators, certification of compliant power plants and companies, and regional compliance and monitoring of certified power plant companies.

Benefits of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation 

The standards laid down by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation serve the immediate purpose of providing guidance and assuring reliability in the generation and delivery of bulk electric services at various plants and organizations. The operators ensure that best practices are considered and followed by all.

  • The common goal of NERC is to engage systems and behaviors for reliability in the delivery, generation, and operations across international borders and interconnected areas. 
  • Although compliance with NERC standards does not imply critical infrastructure is entirely free from risks, it does cut down the disturbances that you would otherwise face in terms of electrical service delivery. 
  • The generation and delivery of bulk electricity are considered vital infrastructure activities. Therefore, NERC must have its standards to avoid and mitigate any harm when it comes to disturbances to the systems.

How to Manage Compliance with NERC?

The ERO enterprise, including NERC and the eight regional entities Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program, release an implementation plan every year. The plan guides successful compliance monitoring and enforcement and includes risk elements that help to prioritize compliance efforts.

The current risk elements involve critical infrastructure protection, extreme physical events, maintenance and management of BPS assets, monitoring and situational awareness, event response and recovery, protection system failures, planning, and system analysis, as well as human performance.

NERC carries out audits every six years for all the registered organizations, and for organizations with certifications, audits are conducted every three years. The regional entities provide templates and worksheets outlining all the required audit information. 

Third-party vendors also take part in such compliance by offering services that support many elements of NERC compliance activities, such as NERC training, self-certification, and others. These vendors also help to find gaps in processes, provide mock audits, test against compliance, create policies, provide mitigation planning, and deliver personnel training.

What does NERC Compliance and Certification include?

NERC compliance and certification comprises the activities such as organization registration and certification, compliance investigations, and complaints.

Importance of Complying with NERC

The electricity infrastructure in North America is gigantic and involves a complex, interconnected, and international endeavor. The role of NERC is to work with and across all the governmental boundaries and agencies to encourage cooperation, impose standards, monitor activities, and suitable levy penalties.

Time and again, NERC acknowledges that not all incidents can be prevented, even when best standards and practices are taken into consideration. But if your organization has a set of standards that are enforced fairly and consistently, NERC can reduce the number of incidents by leaps and bounds.


The standards set by NERC consider all the benefits of quick response and recovery as a part of their structure. If any mishap or incident occurs, NERC addresses it quickly and offers its remedy.


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