10 nonprofit marketing campaign ideas you can’t afford to miss

nonprofit marketing campaign

Running a nonprofit organization on a tight budget is tough. For it to be successful, it must attract donors, raise funds and expand its team. Don’t forget the added challenge of meeting project deadlines with fewer or limited resources. 

Adding a nonprofit digital marketing strategy to the list can be seen as wasteful or strenuous. Yet, online fundraising increased by 20% in 2020 and this is a significant number. Hence, online engagement significantly impacts your communication, fundraising, and advocacy efforts. Leveraging on marketing for a nonprofit can ensure maximum benefit in fundraising, volunteer, and donor attraction. 

But, the philanthropic space is constantly changing, and your nonprofit marketing must change too to accommodate your evolving audience. Here are 10 nonprofit marketing ideas you can use to enhance your reach, funding, and overall social good: 

  1. Know your potential donors

Effective marketing only happens when you know your target audience. Even on a personal level, meaningful engagement is impossible if we don’t know each other. 

Similarly, you can’t effectively engage with your donors if you don’t fully understand them and their inspirations. Create donor personas using information from your donor database (current and potential). Personas will allow you to understand your donors’ passion and inspiration. You can use the information to personalize content and engagement tactics that speak to their inspirations. 

  1. Include emotional visuals in your nonprofit marketing strategy

Human brains process visuals a thousand times faster than text. For digestible and engaging content marketing, you should include visuals in your stories. The most memorable impact is achievable through emotional visuals. 

It is only through emotional visuals that an effective nonprofit marketing plan can only reach people (donors, volunteers, and the community). For example, you can use videos showing how your cause influences lives. 

  1. Develop creative & engaging web content to attract new visitors

High-quality web content, including articles, podcasts, promotes a nonprofit’s cause. It informs your visitors about relevant and related topics. Thus, it expands the nonprofit’s brand affinity. 

Also, quality web content can help widen your reach and donor base by attracting new visitors. Besides, you can rank higher on search engines like Google through well-optimized content. It will lead to an increase in organic search that improves your brand visibility online.

Remember: Your website should be updated with current information and ongoing initiatives. Additionally, let your web content convey your nonprofit’s impact & mission. A bold message will implore donors and volunteers to act. 

  1. Improve your nonprofit marketing campaigns using the free Google Ad grant

Google offers a $10,000 Ad grant to help boost online marketing for nonprofits. It allows the organizations to advertise for free on Google’s search engine to reach more people and spread their social good. Microsoft also has a similar grant program. 

But, for one to win a Google Ad grant, you require: 

  • Google nonprofit account
  • Google Ads account
  • Customer ID, linked to your Google Ads account

However, the grant has restrictions:

  • You can exceed $2 CPC per bid
  • You can’t spend more than $10,000 per month 

You shouldn’t worry about the restrictions if you’re operating on a tight budget. Go ahead and apply for the Google grant if you meet the above requirements. 

  1. Optimize your social media marketing 

Social media is a powerful tool for networking and reaching out to your supporters. So, if your nonprofit has no social account or isn’t active enough, that should change now. 

Every social media platform has a different function and purpose. Hence, they have a different audience and value for your online marketing campaigns. For example: 

  • Twitter is good for calling out volunteers and supporters.
  • Instagram can be great for promoting quality content (photos & videos) for your supporters. 
  • You can use Facebook for calling support and driving reach. Apply for the ‘Donate Now’ button to boost your call to action. 

Therefore, consider the following tips for impactful social media marketing for nonprofits: 

  • Identify the platform your supports spend most of their time
  • Know each social network’s purpose
  • Curate high-quality content for each platform. Please, don’t forget to link back to your social media content to your nonprofit’s donation page. 
  1. Develop influencer partnership 

Influencer marketing is a hot trend in social media. It involves using social media accounts with a large following and engagement to champion your cause to their audience. Partnering with influencers related to your mission can lead to quality engagement and an impactful call to action. It will increase your brand visibility and get more supporters. 

  1. Leverage on customized email marketing 

Email marketing still has the highest ROI ($40 per $1 spent). Nonprofits can therefore leverage it. But ensure creativity in your email marketing campaigns. Observe these tips to maximize impact: 

  • Curate a compelling and engaging subject line. 
  • Make the copy precise and digestible. 
  • Include emotional visuals to appeal to donor and volunteer’s emotions.

Pro tip: Segment your email list based on familiarity and donor personas to facilitate personalized engagement. 

  1. Improve nonprofit digital marketing using branded donation pages

Branding is essential in nonprofit marketing. Branded donation pages receive more gifts than generic ones. 

However, you should ensure a seamless experience by maintaining your campaigns’ same feel and look. The image and texture in each marketing channel must reflect on the donation page. For example, if your email marketing campaigns depict water scarcity and diseases associated with poor sanitation and drought, let a similar issue appear on the donation page. 

Remember, maintaining similar experiences from campaigns to donation pages eliminates donors from second-guessing the purpose of their donation. 

  1. Leverage on speaking engagements

Public speaking may be intimidating, especially if speakers representing your nonprofit are nervous. But it provides an opportunity for physical engagement and digital marketing strategies. You can record the event or live stream across your digital channels for broad engagement. For example, you can use hashtags on Twitter to highlight the theme of the speech or event. 

Hence, integrated public speaking events make you leverage physical and digital engagement for a broader reach. 

  1. Back up your nonprofit marketing plan with data

As mentioned earlier, the philanthropy segment is constantly changing. Even supporters’ behaviours are changing. 

For instance, online giving has been rising for the past few years. That shows the potential of online fundraising and donor attraction that you should consider in your nonprofit marketing plan. 

Additionally, adopt innovative marketing in your campaigns. Test every aspect of your campaign and track the performance to improve your advocacy. Here are some elements of a campaign that you can test:

  • The ‘donate’ button qualities- shape, size, placement, colour, etc 
  • Subject lines in emails
  • The asking language, etc. 

For instance, send certain content to your supporters and seek feedback to track the performance of a variable. Any positive variable should be adopted as innovative marketing for maximum impact. 

Take away

It’s tough operating a nonprofit with limited resources and fixed deadlines. But, improve your operation, and attract supporters by leveraging online marketing. 

To keep abreast with the changing philanthropy sector, the above marketing strategies for a nonprofit organization can improve your campaign. 

Finally, don’t forget to be grateful for every donation and support regardless of the size. It’s the only way of retaining your supporters. Every step you take makes a difference! 


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