Working Towards Accessibility for All – accessiBe

Working Towards Accessibility for All – accessiBe

If you own a website, you likely spent a lot of time, or paid someone to spend the time, making the website as appealing as possible to your potential site viewers. You no doubt want your website to be the best it can possibly be and there are a number of companies, like accessiBe, that help with this. In the last couple of years especially, a lot of the world has moved more online than ever before. With so many people searching the internet, there is extra potential customers, or viewers, of your business’s website. But the pandemic has also brought a rise in the number of websites that exist. So, with the extra potential comes extra competition. Because of this, businesses are investing more in their online presence and re-vamping their websites if they feel there is a need.

If this is you, and your business is looking to improve its website, now would be a good time to consider how accessible is your website? Yes, how would a person living with a disability rate the accessibility of your website? This is something every company should want to know the answer to. Why?

How does the accessibility issue affect you and your business?

There are a number of reasons to be interested in this issue. First of all, it is absolutely the right thing to do. No disabled person should feel that they are missing out or being denied access to something everyone else can freely access. This alone should make it an important issue to us.

But this is not the only reason. In most countries, this is now also a legal issue. To not have an accessible website could mean you are breaking the law and leaving yourself open to lawsuits, fines and a damaged reputation. Even some very large, well-known companies, have been severely affected because of not getting their website accessible.

But there is yet another reason why making your website accessible is a good thing for you to do. There are estimated to be over one billion disabled people, many of whom would be potential visitors to your site if they were to have access to it. This could be a game changer for your business.

And yet another reason is that search engines love an accessible website and will move you higher in their rankings for being accessible to those who are living with a disability.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed at the thought of this. There is software that you can use that will do the work for you and get your website accessible in no time at all.


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