Why were chainsaws invented? Know The Reason

Why were chainsaws invented

Chainsaws are not only useful for work but they have been used for fun for years. There is no telling just how far chainsaws have come. One of the first models of chainsaws that was used on farms and Ranches was the Mowerie which was powered by an extension cord. It had a sharp blade and would be used to cut grass, leaves, weeds and other woody material But still you want to know why were chainsaws invented?

Why were chainsaws invented?

Chainsaw Invented By Two Scottish Surgeons Named Richard Edward Scott and John Stewart. When first learned that chainsaws were originally invented to aid in the birth, the vision of a typical modern chainsaw at a hospital revved up an early picture of medieval times. Can you picture your obstetrical doctor coming in with a 90cc chainsaw in hand? The scene could get quite messy for our ladies.

A Scottish surgeon named Andres Stihl invented the first practical electric chainsaws in 1780. He built a device to aid his father in cutting firewood for his log home. During this time there was no electric chain saw or chainsaws used for this type of work because it was inconvenient and dangerous. But with his new design he was able to make the saw more powerful, quicker and safer.

Chainsaws today are still used today for a variety of reasons besides medical purposes. They are now used to amputate limbs when patients do not want to be attached to anesthetics. They are also used by doctors and nurses to amputate limbs of patients who need surgery involving many tiny incisions. When an arm is severed in a violent car crash, for example, doctors will amputate a good part of the arm.

Reasons To Invent Chainsaws :

Chainsaws can also be used to widen and thicken cartilage. Cartilage is basically connective tissue and like real bone it is held together by strong collagen fibers. When a patient has suffered a traumatic injury they will most likely have severe inflammation of the joints and this will lead to loss of cartilage. With the use of chainsaws the surgeon can literally take out part of the bone to enlarge the damaged area and make it stronger. This is a much better procedure than simply operating on large areas of the joint and hoping that the damage is not enough to prevent movement of the joint.

Another reason why chainsaws are so popular comes from their invention by a man named Melitta. In 1780s he developed what is now known as the guide bar saw. The idea behind this saw was that when you saw the blade coming to an end, you pushed the saw forward towards the centre of the blade and the teeth would catch the guide bar and guide the blade into the right position to cut. The basic idea was that it would help the surgeon cut down on the amount of tissue lost during a surgical procedure.

Chainsaws are also commonly used during open-heart surgery. During this procedure the heart is open to save the lives of patients who are suffering from shock after cardiac arrest. This is why many people have heard of a heart transplant procedure using a chainsaw. These saws are used to amputate the large part of the chest bone called the diaphragm and it is this part of the bone which is responsible for the lungs to expand and contract during breathing. It is believed that if this bone was not amputated that sufferers of the condition would have no way of breathing.

As you can see from this article, the question ‘Why were chainsaws invented?‘ really does have two answers. It can either be answered with questions such as ‘Why did man decide to invent a machine which could effectively cut through large pieces of meat without damaging its flesh?’ or it can be answered with questions such as ‘Why are some men’s chainsaws more popular than others?.’ If you want a chance to get your own answer for that question, why not give chainsaws a try today!


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